Tiger Truck Stop

I believe I’ve written about the Tiger Truck Stop before.  It’s quite a depressing place located about 2 hours east on I-10 in Louisiana.  My husband and I stopped there over 10 years ago.  Why did we stop?  Well, when you see a sign that says, “Fill up your gas tank next to live tigers”, you tend to check it out.

It was so hot and the tigers were so miserable that we didn’t get our gas there.  I’m not really sure how this place is allowed, except…..  it’s Louisiana.

Anyway, this year when we stopped at the Louisiana Welcome Center, we actually found a brochure about this attraction.  I felt I had to share it here:

IMG_6919 IMG_6921 IMG_6920

Flying with my new Polish friend

My 9 hour flight to London next to a very drunk Polish guy.  Each hour, new words of wisdom:

Hour 1: “I did not choose this seat.  I was pushed!  Excuse me, I often vomit during the flight.”

Hour 2: “My friends and I drink many drinks at this Ruby Tuesday.  You know this place?  Many drinks there.  Then we go to airport lounge.  Many drinks there too.  Excuse me, flight attendant, can I have some wine?”

Hour 3: “You know Wild West Bar in Houston?  You don’t?  What is wrong with you?  This is dancing.  Step, step, step.  This is easy.  Why you not go here?”

Hour 4:  “Galveston. You know Galveston?  Good bar there.  Next to big white building.  You no go to bars there?  Is good bar.  Is strip club.”

Hour 5: “I go to helicopter rescue class.  You take vomit bag from plane, blow air in and then you have one breath air if you go underwater.  Is good to know, yes?”

Hour 6:  “What is this magazine you are reading? These women are not pretty.  Polish women are pretty!  All Polish women blonde and tall.  Very beautiful.”

Hour 7:  (He dozes off….  suddenly we have turbulence…)  “Maybe this is last flight we ever take.”  (back to sleep)

Hour 8-9:  {Tries to sleep on my shoulder. 30 minutes ensues of pushing and jabbing to get him back into his own seat.)

Flight lands.  Polish guy too hung over to talk anymore.  Departs to entertain his next flight.


No comment today, just decorating tips


How many alcoholics feel after the weekend

The Liver – Closed for Repairs











Ice Tea at Torchy’s Tacos

When I went to get iced tea at Torchy’s Tacos in Houston, I found myself faced with this decision:


Welcome to Louisiana

Stopping at the Lousiana welcome center, we came across this sign.  It’s the first time our kids didn’t want to go swimming.



Forms for children

I got a hold of some more Life magazines from the 1960s.  I like this form for children to fill out.  Everything is going along nicely until……



(Race problems?  Well, I guess I always come in 3rd place on relay day because George runs faster.)


Cuddle up with a disease

My kids didn’t want these stuffed animals I found.  I don’t know why.


Zydeco church

Sure, if my church had Zydeco dance night, I might go more often as well.


How to enjoy you family vacation….

…. and keep your kid entertained for hours while you relax with a margarita.




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