Halloween in Stockholm

When I arrived in Stockholm 2000 they hardly knew what Halloween was. But today I give you – Halloween Globen! (One of our stadiums).  It even lights up orange and blinks!


Always zoom in

As we are in Italy this week, I was looking for nice restaurants to eat on the internet.  First I saw the thumbnail picture in the middle and thought, “Wow!  What a beautiful view!”

Luckily, I clicked to make the picture larger.

Skärmavbild 2014-10-22 kl. 12.11.12

And then I saw this:

Skärmavbild 2014-10-22 kl. 12.10.58

Onion glasses!

Can’t believe I’ve never seen these before. Very glad research and time is going toward important things like this.


Skärmavbild 2014-10-20 kl. 13.24.57

Fall Break

It’s now Fall Break.  However, the more I read these words, the less I picture a vacation and the more I think about “falling” and “breaking” something.

Skärmavbild 2014-10-22 kl. 11.43.05

The last hurrah

In Sweden, we not only get spring break, we also get fall break.  All of the kids are out of school and many families take a week-long trip.  Our family is one of these this year.  We are going south to some warmer weather for a week (hopefully – if it doesn’t rain).

I see fall break as a “last hurrah” before the harshness of winter sets in here.  We do our time change this weekend, right when the break starts and by the time we get back, we could have temperatures below 0.

It’s fairly cold already and I’ve been refraining from wearing my winter jacket because I know once I put it on, I have to wear it for 6 months straight. But I’ve already decided that when we get back from fall break, I will give in.  Then I will acknowledge that winter is upon us.


UN week

It’s UN week which means many of the schools do international lunches.  My youngest son has had a different country each day at his school.  Yesterday it was the Balkans with some sort of goulash. Earlier this week it was pasta with Italy.  He tells me he’s waiting for America because last year they got pulled pork.
My oldest son’s school is doing “The Deep South.” He says they had Texas Chili and yesterday they were supposed to have fried chicken but he said it was nothing like American fried chicken.  “It was just regular chicken and rice!”
I said, “well at least they meant well.”


Taco Bell – expensive eatin’

I’ve been having to do some food research lately for work and I came across this article on Business Insider about Taco Bell’s new “Low-end menu.”

 “Taco Bell’s new “low end” menu release.

Taco Bell released a menu featuring a bunch of items for $1. At a time when McDonald’s and Wendy’s value menus are featuring more expensive items, affordability will help Taco Bell stand out. “

So, Taco Bell was previously too expensive? Yeah, that 99 cent burrito I was getting was putting me in the poor house.

C’mon people!  Taco Bell barely qualifies as food.  It doesn’t need to be more affordable.  It needs to have a complete overhaul or possibly be shut down for being hazardous to human heath!



Refrigeration not necessary

I brought a sandwich to work in a refrigerated bag with an ice clamp just to make sure my cheese would stay fresh.

Did I forget I live in Stockholm and it’s the end of October?
Did I forget that the office I’m working in is currently 9c (50f) each day?

Refrigerated bag – What was I thinking?  You know, I had to buy that bag in Texas because other than maybe 1 month out of the year, this entire country is a refrigerator!

I think I’ll bring some ice cream to work tomorrow.


Differences between TX and Swedish kids

My friend Erin in Texas told me that she and her kids spent the morning in their yard hunting a possum with a baseball bat.

It’s a shame with all the experiences my children miss growing up in Sweden.

(or is it?)


My kids’ thoughts on “Attack of the Clones”

I finally broke down and starting showing my kids the other Star Wars movies. I’ve kept it down to the 3 originals, but have realized that they need to see the others to keep up with the kids at school. Tonight we watched the second in the series, “Attack of the Clones.”  Comments:

“Why do they put flaming lightposts everywhere? That’s dangerous for drivers.”

“That Octopus Jedi is my favorite.  Octo-go! Octo-go!”

(and commenting after I explain who the young Boba Fett is…)

“You know he’s bad because he tried to kill John Solo.”
It’s Han Solo.
“That’s right! John Solo is great!”



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