Time change

My children had no clue the time changed this weekend. I got up before them and switched all the clocks. I wonder if I can apply this same strategy to early bedtimes.


This could be an interesting event

In my food research, I’ve come across something called “The National Restaurant Association’s Show & International Wine, Spirits, & Beer Event.”  Sounds nice.  So what’s the problem?  Well, the problem (and the thing that caught my eye) is that they are marketing this event as the NRA Show.

I hate to see what happens when a bunch of National Rifle Association folks turn up in the wrong place….. not sure if the guns are going to mix well with the wine, spirits and beer.  I think I’ll have to skip this one.

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The easy (lazy) way to teach kids another language

On our recent trip to Germany, we bought our kids a Furby. This is a talking animal that interacts with you. Apparently there are things you can do to change it’s mood.  I’m not sure what happened, but the mood changed to bad and the kids wanted to change it back, so I handed them the instructions….. in German.

It’s amazing how when a kid wants something bad enough, they’ll figure it out. Sure, they weren’t able to translate the entire thing, but they sat there studying it and asking questions and figuring out things for themselves and now the Furby is back to normal.

We’re such lazy good parents!

Next time our microwave breaks, I’m going to just hand them the instructions in Japanese.  “You want hot chocolate? Here ya go.  幸運 !”


A good offer?

I just got an offer in my email for Groupon – “Europe trip with SECRET destination!”

Umm… no thanks.

Who would take them up on that? I’m adventurous, but not THAT adventurous!

“We have beaches, animals, sunshine.”


Burger King fragrance

Finally, a great gift idea for Father’s Day.  Won’t my husband be thrilled?

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Watch the eclipse – if you can find the sun

Today Stockholm is supposed to have an almost total eclipse – 90% or so I believe.  We’ve been excited all week, I’ve packed special glasses in the kids’ backpacks and reminded them what time it peaks.

However….. after a week of sunny days, today is total cloud cover (with small chance of snow!).  When I took my sons out this morning, I said, “ok, if you’re out after lunch, just look up…uh…… uh  (I twist my head all around)….. well I have no idea where the sun is at the moment, but umm….. go out at 11 and maybe it will be a little darker.”

Honestly, you think on a cloudy day that you would be able to at least tell where the sun is, but I haven’t found it at all.  Oh well… still a few hours to go until we see if there is anything to see.  In the meantime…


Tomatan – Robot of the future

Lately at my job, I’ve been doing research on food and technology.  Today I came across an article that beautifully combines the two and I felt the need to share it.  Thanks Science! :)

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Playground politics

I’ve been reading a book recently on World War 2 and was trying to mention a few things to my 10-year old son yesterday, which simply lead to a re-hash of the big WORLD WAR 3 from last year between the 3rd graders and the daycare kids at his school.  It was totally off the point I was trying to make, but I must say, playground politics are fascinating. I may sell the movie rights.  Here’s the story:

“We didn’t want to start a war, but the daycare kids said they they could run faster than us. We told them to prove it, they said they didn’t have to, so we started a war.  It lasted about 4 weeks.  We didn’t do anything but pretend to run at them and they would run away.  It was always in groups on both sides so we didn’t pick on anybody. After a while, they asked for a truce, but still refused to admit that we were faster at running than them, so the war raged on!  Later on, we just all got bored with it, so I guess that was the end.”

(Isn’t that how all wars should end? “We just got bored with it.”)


Give a hoot, don’t pollute

I was reading a post from my hometown in Texas about how many businesses are not keeping up landscaping or picking up litter which makes the city look bad.  They asked for suggestions from the community. Many people suggested fining the businesses, but some suggested that school kids or scouts should have a day each month for cleaning up and yard work around town.  At first I thought this was a great idea, then I started to realize that everyone is just fine with suggesting the kids clean up all the trash, but no one suggested anything similar for any adult organizations. There are plenty of organizations and clubs in town.

But ya know…. it’s like 100 degrees out there.  Let’s send the kids… builds character.

Lead by example adults!  Get out there alongside them!

Ok, that’s my rant today.  Now back to my guerrilla gardening.


St. Patrick’s Day score – 12-1, in my favor

YES!  Once again, my husband forgot today was St. Patrick’s day which ended up (as it does many years) with me dressed in green clothes, green jewelry and even green eye shadow waking him up and saying sweetly, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

“NOOOOOO!!!!!” he screams as I pinch him.  Not really the best way to wake up, but he should pay more attention. I even wore green short to bed last night and he never questioned it.

Today my kids asked me why you get pinched if you aren’t wearing green on St. Patrick’s day (this after a warning that it’s not practiced in Sweden so they better confine that behavior solely to our home).  I didn’t know the answer, so I looked it up.

There are 2 explanations.  One has to do with not showing enough pride when the Irish were struggling and not wanting to wear colors to express your support of the country.

The other explanation is to watch out for pinching leprechauns.

Guess which explanation my kids got?

(By the way, my husband and I have spent 15 St. Patrick’s Days together.  Twice he remembered and once I forgot.  I think he slipped something in my green beer.)



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