Christmas gift ideas pt. 6

Some people like to give gifts of food. May I suggest Bubble Gum Cocktail Weiners?


Christmas wish list

I brought home some catalogs yesterday so the kids could start making their wish lists. It went about as well as expected.

Horrible Vintage Christmas cards pt. 1

While looking for ideas for this year’s family Christmas card, I got stuck in a hole of very disturbing vintage Christmas cards. Either people of that time were really messed up or had a totally hilarous sense of humor. You be the judge. I’ll kick off the weekend each Friday with one of these until Christmas, I think. Just for a nice dinner conversation starter.  Here’s the first:


The problem with theives

My youngest son was trying to figure out why people steal.

“Sometimes people are poor, so they have no choice….. but, hey… wait a minute….. then how do they afford their theif outfit?”


Christmas gift ideas pt. 5

In an earlier Christmas gift idea post, I suggested a Zach Galifianakis swimsuit. Now I’m thinking, if you know someone who might want that swimsuit, they might also need a Steve Buscemi dress to go with it.


Infection Happy Hour

While I was at the doctor last week for a sore back, I saw signs posted on the wall that said, “Infection walk-ins from 10-11 every weekday.”
This is a new thing that our local doctor’s office is trying for the winter. If you feel like you might have a throat, ear or urinary tract infection, you can just come in at the walk-in time without an appointment to take a quick test and get a prescription if you need it.

I saw that sign, looked at the clock that said 9:45 and thought. NOOOOOO!!!!!  Because in my head, when I hear “infection walk-ins” I’m just thinking of a horde of infected zombies roaming slowly down the hall all at once.

Sure enough, when I came out of the office, it was 10:05 and there they were, about 15 of them all crowded by reception.  I held my breath and hurried through as fast as I could.  INFECTION HORDE!

I took a quick picture with my camera and attached it here. (Well, ok there might be a bit of photoshopping, but I swear this is exactly what they looked like!)

Somehow, I don’t think Darth Vader would approve

Saw this in the grocery store yesterday. Darth Vader promoting yogurt? And strawberry?!

This is not right.



If we all just chip in…..

I live in an apartment complex. We have an incredibly boring middle space between our two buildings with nothing on it because the building company decided to “keep the nature,” which basically translates to them wanting to save costs by not developing any common area for us to have barbecues.

But now I’ve found this amazing product online. How perfect is this for Swedish winters? I’m fairly certain all the neighbors could chip in – and with all of us, it wouldn’t be expensive at all. We could reserve times in our igloo just like we reserve laundry times. I’m pretty sure I can convince everyone, especially if I promise to keep the igloo stocked with glögg (warm Christmas wine).

If I can get them to sign up on this, maybe later I can get us a hot tub as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 08.09.32

Christmas gift ideas pt. 4

I only went to one school dance, but if I had known about KFC’s chicken corsage, I probably would have gone to more.


This shouldn’t be possible, right?



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