Lazy dad

Upon learning that Alexander the Great conquered Persia and Egypt before the age of 25, my youngest son said, “Ugh. Pappa’s already 41 and he doesn’t rule ANY countries.”


Gopher Museum

I keep telling my husband we should stop in Canada one year on our summer trip to Texas. He’s reluctant, but maybe THIS will convince him!  THE GOPHER MUSEUM


Allright, allright…..

Regarding Eurovision last night, I suppose I have to eat my words from yesterday (which is much healthier than what I ate during the competition…. a milkshake, chips and chocolate).

SWEDEN WON! So now of course Eurovision is great and everything is awesome!

I have to admit, I actually did enjoy most of the songs. In fact, I think I only made fun of something one time and I can’t even remember what that was now – most likely to do with frightening outfits. My kids were very confused by the in-between spots where the contestants would receive a package to do something in Austria. “Why does it keep showing them getting mail?! This is boring! I don’t care if they get a package!”  I was just rating the experiences with which countries were the luckiest. I think I’d like to be the ones that got the tickets to the amusement park and not the ones who got the bungee jumping cords.  I think Austria might have been trying to eliminate the competition.

So to sum up – I was actually impressed with some of the performances, but I kind of miss the goofy stuff. Can we run the reject contest the day after?  That goes better with a milkshake and chips.

WIEN 2015-05-21  Sveriges Måns Zelmerlöw framför bidraget Heroes vid semifinal två under Eurovision Song Contest 2015 i Wiener Stadthalle i Wien.  Foto: Jessica Gow / TT / Kod 10070

WIEN 2015-05-21
Sveriges Måns Zelmerlöw framför bidraget Heroes vid semifinal två under Eurovision Song Contest 2015 i Wiener Stadthalle i Wien.
Foto: Jessica Gow / TT / Kod 10070


Well it’s that time of year again. Tonight is Eurovision – the song contest between 40 European countries (where Abba got its start). Last year’s winner was a bearded drag queen from Austria, so the contest will be in Vienna (it’s moved to the winner’s country each year).

CNN has a pretty funny article describing it.

The kids want to watch tonight so we will get popcorn and my husband and I will be sitting in back of them on the couch trying desperately to hold in our laughter. (they take it seriously)

I challenge you to do something better with your Saturday night. :)

image28 InCulto-from-Lithuania-re-007 lordi

The latest in boot theft news

“Burglar breaks into Cavender’s Boot City, steals boots”

This headline is in the Houston, Texas news today.

I don’t know why this makes me laugh, other than the question, Well, what else WOULD he steal?


Pokemon Logic

Kids don’t like it when you try to add logic to their cartoons.

I tried to be a nice parent today and watch a Pokemon episode with my son. These were my unappreciated observations:

1. Isn’t it cruel to catch these Pokemon and force them to battle each other?

2. How come one of them can talk and the others can’t?

3. Shouldn’t these kids be in school? Where are their parents?


Salad, soup or….. kangaroo?

I’m going to dinner this evening with one of my friends so I decided to take a look at the menu online.

Looks like I can choose from nachos, salads, hamburgers, or “kangaroo filet.” At first I thought it was just a funny name for a burger or steak because it’s so spicy it’ll hop in your mouth or something, but no. It seems to be actual kangaroo.

“Skewered lemongrass and ginger marinated kangaroo filet in a madeira and shiitake sauce,
with roasted cherry tomatoes, padron pepper and a fig marmelade.”

There are no other unusual animals served at this place.  It’s just the one dish.  I just feel like the owner had a bad run-in with a kangaroo once and is out to destroy them all. It really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the menu.

I think I’ll stick to the nachos.


(image by Carolyn Duff)

Seriously Holland and Russia? Throw a tulip or a bear on there!

My son’s school is having a week long program with children’s choirs from around the world. Our family is hosting two girls from the Netherlands. One of the things we have to do is to find and collect the kids at the end of the concerts. We were told to simply look for the flag to find our group.

Russia is another country participating. Above is a picture of the Dutch and Russian flags.  Now you see why I went ten minutes in the opposite direction yesterday to the wrong group.

I plan on choosing students from a country with a more distinctive flag next time. I’m hoping for some kids from Martinique. (Google it.)


Stunning London Garden!

I’m helping some family look for a place to stay on vacation in London. This one advertised that it had a STUNNING garden!

This makes me worry about Londoners.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-11 kl. 09.58.02

Sweden – a leader in space exploration

Sweden knows what’s important when it comes to space.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.51.06


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