Icicle of Doom

My son thought he heard Santa Claus this morning up on our roof.   I didn’t think about it very much until I went outside and realized that there were several men on our roof.  They were pushing off all of the snow, which is something that’s done quite often around the city, as people are occasionally badly injured or killed from heavy snow and icicles falling from high roofs.   I’m glad they finally got around to our building today because we’ve had a monster icicle hanging right over our door for the past week.  I managed to find the shattered remains on the ground this afternoon.  The picture I took is only a piece of the icicle.  Nice to be able to walk in the door now without cheating death every day.


One response

  1. I think your son was right, actually. Most people don’t know that the only reason Santa Claus gives presents once a year is because he is trying to atone for all the people he has tried to kill the rest of the year with icicles.


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