Funnel cake day!

We are visiting the U.S. during the 4th of July!  We’ve been visiting on the 4th of July for the past few years so I think I can make a prediction of how the evening will go.  For those of you who have not experienced a 4th of July in Texas, here’s what it looks like:

5:30 pm – Parade.  We sit under umbrellas to watch – not because it is raining, but because it is 100 f (40c).

6 – 7 – Eat snowcones, pet snakes, eat funnel cake, pet lizards, gnaw on giant turkey leg, get face painted, try fried Oreos.

7 – 9 – Leave and go get some fried chicken for a “real meal” and catch a bit of air conditioning at home.

9 – Go back to fairground and find a good place on the lawn to watch fireworks.

9:30 – 10 – Fireworks to medley of “Proud to be an American”, “Living in America”, “Born in the U.S.A”. and probably something Willie Nelson thrown in just because it’s Texas.

10pm – 11pm – Try to get out of parking lot.


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