Fill in the blank

I’ve realized that speaking a second language (not very well) is often like playing a fill-in-the-blank game.  I was talking to my husband last week when he tried to tell me something but couldn’t find an English translation for one word.  The conversation was about a court case that had a crazy ruling.  It was crazy because the victim was ______ at the time.  He never found the word.

Was she possesed?  In Toledo?  Eating a zebra?

I’ll never know.

Many news stories I read are like this.  I’m always missing a word because I don’t understand.  “City says all roads in this neighborhood will be closed because of ______.”

Even in converstaions with people.  “And then he said we would all have to ______ and Jill of course _______ so you can see why we’re all laughing.”

(For the record, I fill in these blanks with “squirrels,” “eat snails,” and “moved to Toledo.”)


4 responses

  1. HAHAHA…I feel for you. I, too, even being (fairly) bilingual Chinese/English have a hard time reading the newspapers in China. The girl (something something) into the soup and resorted to (something).


  2. Why don’t you fill in the Swedish words so we can help you out?


    1. Then it wouldn’t be as funny. 🙂


  3. Well. In the case of the man who died from getting something on his head, it was a construction pole.


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