Just a little break from the usual to say – How did I miss the movie Zardoz??!!!

This was recommended by several people, so I looked it up.  Sean Connery, completely insane sci-fi movie.  Even though I have some bad feelings toward movies made in the 70s, I think I’ll have to get out some nachos and check this one out.



4 responses

  1. Don’t do it. Even SC said this was one of his less inspired efforts. The picture you have there* says everything you need to know about the movie.

    * (Especially the boots).


    1. I don’t know. This could be great material for a late Saturday night with nachos and beer. Or it could be used to get people out of the house when it’s time for them to go home.


      1. I commend your foolhardy bravery – better make it a very strong beer!


  2. This picture alone may have ruined his sex appeal for me… I need to close my eyes and conjure up his voice STAT!


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