Happy VD!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Our sons went into full gear last night with “Operation Secret.”  They ran back and forth from their rooms to ours saying, “Don’t look!  Don’t go in there!”

Then as we put them to bed last night, they said, “When you wake up in the morning, you might want to search your room.”

Well, I like that they think we could lay on pillows without discovering giant Valentine’s cards hiding underneath. 🙂  At 6:25 in the morning (one of them had set an alarm), I heard our door open quietly and a piece of paper being thrown into the room with little footsteps rushing away.  The paper said, “Look under your pillows!”

So the day has started out very sweet for us and I hope that all of you have a great Valentine’s day/ Friday / weekend as well!



One response

  1. On an alone v-day, when I was thinking of my unofficial ex, shouting everywhere that I dont like children…

    Your post was so cute, heart warming and hopeful…
    Especially the alarm clock and look under your pillow note..

    Oh yes happy v-day !
    Pure love could be really under pillows


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