I’m gonna have to slap her

I’ve been studying important Italian phrases on the Rosetta Stone language program.  Today’s lesson irritated me a bit.  Let me translate:

“I need a new umbrella.

WHY do you need a new umbrella?

Because my umbrella is broken.”

Oh, I don’t think I need to learn that last line.  If I’m standing out in the rain getting soaked asking someone for an umbrella and they ask me WHY, my response is going to be a slap to the face.

Also, this would never happen in Italy.  I was approached 12 times in one hour by people trying to sell me umbrellas in Florence when there was a slight drizzle.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.04.20

2 responses

  1. I had the same experience in Rome. The last one stole my wallet. 😒


  2. Sorry, that’s the only place we’ve had trouble too, but we ran away.
    That guy probably stole your wallet because he had to pay for more umbrellas.


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