Straight E’s!

I just realized that I forgot to report how I did in my most recent Swedish class.

I got an E!

No kidding.  The email said, “You have received a grade of E.  Have a nice summer!”

I was sort of hoping that “E” stood for Excellent, but apparently it’s the new grade between D and F.  But I passed!

theletter E

3 responses

  1. I’m dating myself now, but an E would stand for excellent back in my day. However, the regular grades you got were A, B, C, D. E was reserved for stuff like effort and participation and not actually class grades.


    1. Effort and Participation sounds like that’s exactly what they gave me. I didn’t seem to get any extra points for my wonderful Swedish writing assignments about Leatherface and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They could have kicked me up to a D.


      1. Geraint Isitt

        The topic alone was worth a C- minimum!


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