Looking for catfish?

One of the most disturbing things we saw on our vacation was this pile of catfish climbing over each other in the bay.  These fish aren’t in a tank or a feeding farm.  They have the entire bay that opens out into the Gulf of Mexico to swim around in, yet they choose to group together under a dock that has a feeding machine for kids to feed seagulls or fish.  (The feeding machine is actually a gumball machine filled with fish food…. I’m sure younger kids have mistaken this for a tasty snack many times.)

This reminds me of Christmas time when they release a new toy at the mall.


3 responses

  1. You see this with a lot of species of fish at zoos and stuff. I was at a zoo once and the bears did the same thing. It was so sad to see. You could feed them some kind of honey coated cereal and they all came lumbering for it.


    1. Honestly, I’ve seen the same thing with humans when they bring out pepperoni on the pizza buffet.


      1. Geraint Isitt

        Yeah, I have too. Not a glowing image.


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