Blood Pudding

My oldest son had his 10th birthday this week.  I told him he could have anything he wanted for dinner, so he chose – Blood Pudding.

Blood Pudding?  You know, an American kid would have chosen an Oreo pie covered in ice cream.  Blood pudding?

In my 14 years in Sweden, I had managed to avoid blood pudding.  But it was my son’s birthday wish, so yes, I ate the blood pudding.

Verdict – …  interesting.


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  1. It wasn’t that bad, was it 😉 With a bit of golden syrup on the pudding, mushed green peas and crispy bacon on the side (the way I eat it) it goes down right easily. It was a Saturday trad in my family (In Oslo) when I was a kid.


    1. Green peas and syrup? Interesting. Is that the Norwegian way to eat them? They just use bacon lingonberries here.


  2. When i was a kid my mum told me it was black pancakes and pancakes was a big thing so i loved it and still do….


    1. Haha! I can actually see that working. I wish I could have thought of them that way. Honestly, it’s not bad unless you know what you’re eating.

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  3. Did you make it? If so, how?


    1. I survived! I only ate one. It was ok but would have been better if I hadn’t known what it was. My family in Texas is officially horrified that I would eat such a thing. Told me to “watch out for Ebola.”


      1. Hahaha.m! Ebola. I can’t.


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