Blood pudding – Part 2

A follow-up to my daring feat of eating blood pudding last week.

When I informed my family in Texas, they were all horrified. In fact, one of them was very concerned and told me, “You need to watch out for Ebola eating that stuff!”


4 responses

  1. At first glance I thought your pic ture was really really REALLY rich chocolate cake.

    In Taiwan there’s *blood cake* and “blood of pig”. The cake is some kind of snack, like popcorn, tho not as innocuous. Vendors sell it on the street, along with tube tops and sparkly things for the cell phone. The blood of pig is like a misshapen gelatinous thing that sounds as bad as it looks. I think Sweden has a much *tamer* version of blood pudding, if there is such a thing.


    1. So does the blood cake have blood or is that one just colored?


      1. It’s pretty damn bloody. It’s real blood.


  2. Ebola pudding. There’s a thought.


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