My kids’ thoughts on “Attack of the Clones”

I finally broke down and starting showing my kids the other Star Wars movies. I’ve kept it down to the 3 originals, but have realized that they need to see the others to keep up with the kids at school. Tonight we watched the second in the series, “Attack of the Clones.”  Comments:

“Why do they put flaming lightposts everywhere? That’s dangerous for drivers.”

“That Octopus Jedi is my favorite.  Octo-go! Octo-go!”

(and commenting after I explain who the young Boba Fett is…)

“You know he’s bad because he tried to kill John Solo.”
It’s Han Solo.
“That’s right! John Solo is great!”


6 responses

    1. And no number 1? Actually that’s a great idea. 🙂


      1. Absolutely no #1!

        No JarJar (yay)
        No annoying kid (yay mind you, still have to put up with whiny sulky teenager)
        No midichlorian cobblers (yay)
        No creepy toyboyness in II & III (yay)
        No ‘comic relief’ Federation Droid (yay)
        Story focuses on Luke (yay)
        Palpatine twist maintained (yay)

        What’s not to like?

        Maybe show it well after the other 5 as semi-canon, wider ‘Verse, background watching. After the Clone Wars animations.


  1. We are in total and complete agreement here. Thank you!


  2. They might enjoy the Clone Wars cartoon. It is very good (it gets kind of dark in later seasons, though, so it may not be good for them if they’re very young and/or sensitive).


  3. And John Solo makes me giggle.


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