It should be against the law….

….to call this “cake.”  This is a Swedish “sandwich cake (smörgåstårta).”  Sometimes served at gatherings.

When I first came here, I learned the Swedish word for cake (“tårta”) very quickly, as you do.  Thus, when I was offered something that sounded like, “bork bork tårta,” I said, “Yes, please – a big slice!”

To which I was served something with eggs and cocktail shrimp. When you are expecting frosting and sugar, I can tell you this is a huge disappointment.

I suspect they do this on purpose to irritate foreigners.  The Swedes know good and well this shouldn’t be called “cake.”  Never again will I fall for this ruse!

Now, where’s this ostkaka I keep hearing about?  That’s cheesecake, right?



One response

  1. Delicious as it looks, any sweet-toothed innocent that they lured like this will be ready to murder the host 😀


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