Reasons my kids won’t go to sleep

Here are the reasons the kids wouldn’t go to sleep just for last night:

1. Thirsty

2. Thought they heard someone playing a computer game.

3. Had an idea for a plasma ball invention.

4. Panicking because they can’t play a Mozart piece on the piano.

5. Thought of a way to stop missiles in war – build a force field.

6. Some teddy bears were up and wanted to come sleep in our room.

7. Radio went off. Wants to know if they can start up music again.

8. An addition to the missile force field – a detector to see if the object is peaceful (can be allowed in) or if its mean (will bounce off).

9. I have no idea. I gave up and went to bed myself.


4 responses

  1. You must have at least one boy. Two night ago my six year old woke us up a 2am to tell us that are nine year old couldn’t sleep. What? Why?


    1. Yep, both boys.
      haha! Well there’s a good argument for having separate rooms. Of course, then maybe if they shared, they would entertain each other with their theories on shield defense and time travel.


  2. My kid last night exactly. He was coming up with every reason in the book. I was thinking of sleeping pills for him.


  3. I definitely laughed out loud about the Mozart one. What a strange reason to be unable to sleep. Your kids sound fun.


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