Disneyland Paris

We finally took the kids to Disneyland Paris last week. (You see, you have to wait until they are over 1 meter tall so they can ride things.)  They loved it!  Major success.  We were the best parents in the world for at least one full day!

The Disneyland Paris park is the same as the Florida Disneyworld park, just with French names.  For example, Sleeping Beauty’s castle is “Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant.”  On the plus side, you can get crepes for a snack!

Your children will also learn French while visiting. Words like “sortie” (exit), “temps d’attente” (waiting time), and “glaces” (ice creams – all children learn that immediately in any language).

Sometimes I wished I didn’t understand the words.  As in waiting in line with my adventurous 10-yr old for the Indiana Jones coaster.  I didn’t need to know “péril” and “Le looping 360,” while waiting in line thinking my body is way too old for loops and danger. But sometimes you have to be the cool mom and do the loops, resulting in terror and dizziness after, but with a big smile on your face when your kid shouts, “AWESOME!”

So Disneyland equals lé success!



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