More than we bargained for

My husband loves the logo of Hausbrandt coffee, an Italian coffee that we can’t get in Sweden. So when I saw that we were staying close to their headquarters, I wrote to ask if we could visit and perhaps purchase some espresso cups with the logo. Apparently, they don’t give tours, but decided to give one to us!

When we got there, we were informed that the owner of Hausbrandt wanted us to join him at his house in the hills and treat us to lunch. This was in addition to gifts of coffee, the cups my husband wanted, beer and many prints of the owner’s artwork. So we unexpectedly found ourselves at a beautiful villa in the hills for the afternoon. We were invited to stay at the owner’s house, but we politely declined. Then he took us to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the hills and treated us to lunch with some other business clients. I think we were in shock the entire day.

And all because I asked if we could get some cups.


5 responses

  1. wow, that is amazing –


    1. It felt very surreal.


  2. Nicely done! You could have become their rep in Sweden!


    1. I’ll admit, it did cross my mind. 🙂


  3. How much do you like that coffee now? 🙂


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