Another tale of Swedish trick-or-treat

My son’s friend went trick-or-treating with his sister last weekend (because in Sweden, Halloween is 2 weeks for some reason).

The Swedes are still learning how Halloween works, which leads to some strange things ending up in the treat bag. On this occasion, the boy and his sister knocked on a door belonging to an old woman. She dug in her purse and dropped an old piece of money that is no longer valid and an aspirin.

Maybe the aspirin came in handy later for the parent who had to deal with sugar-hyped kids.


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  1. wow, 2 weeks! in the states, the kids are totally hopped up after only one night ) – love the giveaways )


    1. One of my sons went last night and in addition to candy, he also got a bag of peanuts and the equivalent of 5 dollars. Both kids are going again tonight (the correct night!).

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  2. Invalid money always makes kids happy. 😀

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    1. Or, maybe the old woman out-smarted them and that money was a “trick”

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      1. 😀 Very possibly — but it would make a good start to a coin collection, maybe. 😀

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