Podcast episode #51

#51 – Do Not Mess With My Semla
In our talk today with Roger, from Ohio (where you meet all the Swedes), we discuss if the U.S. actually has real cheese, whether subway tunnels are lighted & losing your Irishman.
Available anywhere you get your podcasts or at these links:

7 responses

  1. Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. No worries if you haven’t time or aren’t into it – I’ve enjoyed reading your blog….

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    1. Thank you! That’s so nice of you!


  2. And me! Just letting you know I have nominated you for the Blogger’s Recognition Award. No worries if you’ve no time or it’s not your thing! Cheers Rebecca Old Bird Travels Solo


  3. Wisconsin invented cheese! Sorry Europe.


    1. Well I did find it odd that Ohio was such a big cheese producer. I wonder if they have a bitter rivalry with Wisconson. The cheese masters!


      1. My stats show that Ohio is number 9, and produces about 2/3rds the cheese that Wisconsin does? But no, we don’t love the Buckeyes over here.

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