Why would I want this?

This gift idea came up on my feed the other day. My hometown in Texas was home to the second-largest refinery in the U.S. Does this candle smell like pollution?

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  1. Hahaha — oh, I hope not. 😀

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  2. I got this too, on Instagram!! I just moved home to New York and it actually, literally stinks. Why would I want to take a reminder of that with me anywhere else? And what does the NY candle even smell like, an overflowing subway trash can, car exhaust, with just a hint of urine? Also very weird that there’s green onions and balsamic vinegar in the Texas one. Why…would you want a candle with those smells, although admittedly a step above oil refinery-scented?

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    1. When I think Texas, I think balsamic vinegar. What are they thinking??!!
      Yes, exactly! I would think any big city would have scents of garbage and urine. I wonder if there is a place that smells decent. Hershey, Pennsylvania?

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      1. I’m not super familiar with Texas but yeah, balsamic vinegar?? wth? And yes, maybe Hershey gets a pass. But other than that, this is just the grossest idea.


  3. Pollution with a hint of lemon.


    1. With a hint of fried food!

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