Difference in stores

While we were in Budapest, we visited 3 or 4 grocery stores just to see if they had some fun items to bring back. Everything was well stocked – quite a relief after seeing crazy photos on the news of Americans emptying out shelves.

We got back to Stockholm, and while the grocery store in our neighborhood was basically fine, the two things that had been raided were the pasta aisle and the onions. I get the pasta, but onions? All the other vegetables were well stocked. I feel like I’m missing something.

Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 15.40.26

5 responses

  1. interesting and funny )


  2. Have you ever read the book Holes? Onions can be total lifesavers in times of crisis.


  3. As long as the cocktail onions are safe……..

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    1. They left the red onions. Hmm…..

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      1. Well, red onions are ok, a little strong for hamburgers, but nice with steak and mushrooms. 🙂

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