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A look back at the year 2012

A family review of our year.

Concussions – 2

Broken nose – 2

new scars – 1

food poisoning by figs – 1

teeth lost – at least 5

Dr. Who episodes watched – 45

chocolate eaten – 2400

hedgehog encounters – 1

falling on ice – 12

mustaches worn – 7

nude beaches visited – 1

healthy food eaten – 40%

unhealthy food eaten – 65%  (I may not be good at math, but I think I’m right about this)



Cell phone conversations in public

I found myself embellishing my cell phone conversation yesterday for the entertainment of my fellow subway passengers. My husband and I had a discussion about Halloween and my frustration with the Swedes not understanding that it is only one specific day and ONLY in October. (More on this tomorrow.)  At some point, I realized the informative potential so I started making myself a bit louder and unconsciously with an increasing southern accent. I think my brain decided that would get more attention. I started saying things like, “You need to listen to me.  No Halloween parties are allowed in November!”

(Husband says, “But that’s how Swedes celebrate their holidays.”)

“No, this holiday doesn’t belong to you and if you want to get it right, you need to listen to an American!  We tell you how to celebrate and it’s October 31!  Don’t come to my door unless its October 31! November trick or treaters and people in costume will not be tolerated! “

I’m hoping my message got through to my fellow passengers who were smiling a bit.  It’s an important issue and they need to know the facts!

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