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Reporter doesn’t know, doesn’t care

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I think it’s just the headline that makes me laugh – ‘for some reason’.  It’s just a “who cares” and “why does it matter” sort of thing.

The article is pretty funny. I’m also glad this stuff turns up on the front page of the news. If you want to read this important, breaking story, you can find it here.

Are job ads getting dumber?

Am I too cynical or is it just impossible to take certain companies seriously when going through job application ads?

Today’s example:

We’re on a mission to take over the world, and we believe that the only way to succeed with that is by having the Hungriest Digital Tigers and Toughest Tech Lions available.

(Well, I’m a Cantakerous Copywriting Camel, so I guess I’m out.)

What Google created in 10 years, we will be creating in 6 months.

(I’d put my money on this company being bankrupt in 6 months.)

Just send your email to our Chief People Officer…

(Is this an actual job title? Is anyone questioning how ridiculous this sounds? ” Hello, Chief People Officer, I am the Overlord Writing Governor.”)

Just out of curiosity, I thought I would apply because:

  1. Aside from the lion and tiger thing, I had all the qualifications
  2. If this is their ad, what kind of stories will I come away with after an interview?”

So I went to their page and it turns out, applicants are required to apply word by word as the questions show up. Starting with:

We are looking for a Digital Copywriter. Press YES

(Ok, that answer doesn’t match the question, unless I’m agreeing that YES, you ARE looking for a digital copywriter.)

Then I get to read the ad again and am instructed to press CONTINUE


What is your first name? _________ PRESS OK.

Now, I can probably guess the next question, but I went ahead and exited the site instead.



Hot Dr. Pepper

Never really caught on. 


Every time I read a job ad that includes any mention of “stakeholders,” I just think of an angry mob chasing Dracula and then I forget what the job was about.

Why I hate online video news

Why does every news story I click have to have a video automatically start playing with the report? I just want to read what happened and move on! I don’t want or need to see the video and I always have to take the time to hit the pause button.

Today was a great example of why video news is awful – some of them run commercials before the story. I give you the screenshot of what I saw when I clicked on this story about an attempted kidnapping.

I always knew there was something messed up about Jack.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 08.59.29.png

Creepy advertising

Funeral home ad from a newspaper in Texas.

To answer their question … probably that guy in the picture… or at least that’s the message I get from this ad.




Ok, seriously. This artist hates frogs!

Before the year is out, I feel it’s important to once again touch on the subject of this card/ad artist who clearly has a problem with frogs. Did a frog kill his dad? Are they just swarming his house?


Somehow, I don’t think Darth Vader would approve

Saw this in the grocery store yesterday. Darth Vader promoting yogurt? And strawberry?!

This is not right.



Brain Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

You just don’t get lawyers like this in Sweden. This guy makes me want to commit a crime in Texas just so I can call.

Cheesus Crust Superstar

This is an actual ad from Pizza Hut in the newspaper in Stockholm. I think it’s funny but I wonder how well it would go over in the U.S.?

I’m interested to see if this is going to go the religious way in further ads or the musical way. I’m waiting for “Red Sauce Story,” “The Sound of Meatballs,” “Sweeny Todd’s Mystery Meat Pizza” (wait, that last one might not work).



87.5 and not one minute more!

Sweden is great because sometimes you can get 50% jobs as well as 75% jobs.  It works out well especially if you have kids to pick up from daycare or take to activities.

I think this one is going a bit too far though.

87.5% – What kind of random strange percentage is this?  Not 88!  Not 90!  We have calculated it to the very minute and you better not work one minute more!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 09.08.52

“You get your way, she gets hers”

Oh, I see, ….. that’s funny because apparently women can’t drive a stick shift.  Ah, the 60’s.



Would you choose this man as your barber?



“I wash the hair and then I place the head on my mantel in the basement… yes…. with the others…..yes….”



For those sort-of special occasions

Marriage = Champagne
3rd date = Champale

Job promotion = Champagne
Got to leave work early on a Wednesday = Champale

College graduation = Champagne
Certificate for completing your knitting course = Champale


39 holes?!!

My husband recently got some of my grandfather’s old Life magazines.  As you know, the best part of old magazines are the commercials.  I’ll be posting the best ones now and then.

Today, the race is all about how many blades your razor can have, but back in the 60s, it was about how many holes your iron had!  39 holes?!  My clothes will have much less wrinkles than back when I had only 38!


Once again with the Public Service Announcements

(Disclaimer: I am not trying to make fun of the issues in the announcements – simply the poor quality of the announcements.)

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but what’s happening with these American Public Service Announcements on the radio?  We listen to Internet radio stations in the morning during breakfast, and they are full of these commercials.  Is the whole point to have bad voice-overs and cheesy material so we will remember what was said?  My 2 favorites at the moment:

1. “I remember the day my son slammed the door in my face and told me he hated me.”
Every time I hear this, I laugh after that line.  In fact, I’m not really sure what the announcement is for.  I assume the mom did something awful.  She probably threw out all his comic books or put Little Mermaid sheets on his bed.  Every time I hear this annoying woman talk, I also want to slam a door in her face and tell her I hate her.

2. “Smile for the picture! C’mon son, smile for the camera! He’s not smiling. Maybe he’s not happy. Maybe he’s hungry. Maybe he’s sad. Maybe he’s tired. Maybe he just doesn’t feel like smiling. Honey… Maybe he has autism!”
Well, I didn’t see that one coming.  Who wrote this nonsense? You know, it’s most likely your baby is sick of this awful dialogue.  Can we roll it back a bit? How about he doesn’t know what the hell a camera is and he doesn’t speak English because he’s a baby!?


Hey lady, I’m not comfortable with this

“Kill me now, kill me now.”  –  Dog


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