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Why didn’t I think of that?

I can’t believe I never thought of doing this. I’ve tried wearing 4 layers of clothes but this one never occured to me!


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Best vending machine ever

Q: Why can’t we have this vending machine in Sweden?

A: Because it would make me very unhealthy in a short time. It’s not good for me to have easy access to Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.


This really irritates me

Someone posted this in a Facebook group yesterday. Here’s my problem with this every time I see it in a movie…

In most of these movie situations, the person is moving across the country, taking another job, or going back to someone else – otherwise there would be no last minute dash to stop someone from leaving forever. If they’re just on spring break to Florida, it can wait until Monday.

So now that we’ve established it’s a life-changing, never-come-back flight…  Can you imagine the time it took to pack up everything for the move? And what about the cost of hiring movers, plus extra luggage on the plane? To make it even simpler, what about the price of a plane ticket? You’re looking at $500-2000 depending on where you’re moving.

After you’re stopped from getting on the plane, can you imagine how much trouble you have to go through to remove your luggage, if it’s even possible when the plane is already boarding (as it always is during these scenes)? That means you need to go to the desk to file a luggage claim, which takes forever. Plus, if it was your decision not to board, there’s no refund for that. You’ll also have to pay the movers to bring everything back. Is this love-of-your-life going to chip in for costs? Unpack boxes? Or even wait in line with you to fill out forms at the luggage counter?

This is my problem with this type of scene. Thank you.

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The airport in Sweden – what else did you expect?

I took this at Arlanda airport in Stockholm last week when we returned from our trip.


Back to Switcher-land

Once again, we are changing planes today in Switzerland….. wait, I’m sorry Switcher-land, as my 8-yr old insists it’s called.

We changed planes here a couple of years ago and he misunderstood the name of the country, though it made quite a bit of sense at the time.

Since then, I’ve been trying to convince him of the right name, but it’s really hard to do when all we ever do is switch planes there.  And today isn’t helping with my argument.

So greetings from Switcher-land!

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Surprise trip

Today is my last day in my 30s. My husband is whisking me off on a surprise trip today for my 40th birthday, which takes place tomorrow.  I’m setting up some posts for the next few days, but I won’t be able to say where I’ve been until next week when we return.  I don’t find out where I’m going today until we get to the airport.  I did the same for him last year on his 40th.  (We went to Sicily.)

The big question is…… coat or no coat?  Hmmm……..

A bit unfortunate my birthday is in March…. in Europe..


Airport security

Heathrow Airport = NO!  Not again.  I’ll pay extra money to avoid that airport.

An hour and a half layover between planes and we still ended up running for the gate at the last minute.  The bus between terminals was 20 minutes.  I’m pretty sure Terminal 3 is in a completely different town.  X-rays are handled by one woman who was just released from the Gulag and likes to scream at everyone, “If you are not ready with your bag, you WILL miss your flight!”  Even though we were about 25 people back in line, x-rays took one hour.

Finally we ran for the gate only to be stopped by security one more time. Just when I thought everything was good, my oldest son has to ask loudly, “What’s a suicide bomber?”

The man at the counter looked up, but luckily we saw a t.v. on a news channel reporting about that situation in another country so we could explain the odd question.  But it didn’t help that his little brother chimed in singing, “Now we all must die!  Now we all must die!”

Somehow they let us on the plane and we finally arrived after 8 hours in America – land of carpet everywhere!  (Seriously, what’s up with all the carpet?  Isn’t it hard to clean?)




Two years ago we flew to New York.  When we headed for customs, there was a security guard watching over the two lines for citizens and visitors.  We walked immediately into the citizen line and the guard never said a word.  He didn’t talk to any of the other people either.

But suddenly a family came down the aisle and the guard woke up and shouted, “CANADIANS!  OVER THERE!” pointing to the visitors line.

How did he know?  I didn’t see any maple leaves on their clothes.  They weren’t drinking maple syrup.

I still wonder to this day what set him off.


Welcome to Sweden, home of meatballs and Abba

When we flew home to Arlanda airport in Stockholm this week after our vacation, the first sign I saw in the airport was “Meatballs – 169 kr!”  I was amused that the first word you see upon arriving in Sweden is “meatballs” and my Swedish husband was outraged about the latter “169 kr” which is the equivalent to 25 U.S. Dollars.

The next sign you see in the airport is for the Abba Museum.  Then you see the Abba puppets,  pictures of Abba, and then written on every column in the luggage section is the title of one of their songs – “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie”, “The Winner Takes it All”, etc.

I don’t know why, but I find it sweet when a country fulfills it’s sterotypes.  I love that upon entering Sweden for the first time, a tourist will say, “I can’t believe it’s actually all meatballs and Abba!  Where’s the Ikea?”  (I expect an Ikea store to open adjacent to the airport in the next 5 years.)

Ikea AB Launch The Uppleva Television Set

Discount Airlines

Let me tell you a little story about a trip we took on one of these discount airlines.  To protect the airlines identity, I’ll call them Lyin Air.

We chose Lyin Air because we found a price to our destination that was incredibly low and because it was hard to believe anything could be that bad.  We thought wrong.

Lyin Air is “conveniently located” at Skavsta Airport – over an hour from Stockholm.  Skavsta “airport” is really just an old warehouse hanger with no order to it at all.  People either mill around or buy an overpriced soggy sandwich and dream of Starbucks at Arlanda airport.

Lyin Air does not assign seats.  This is a terrible idea.  You either stand in line hours before as if you were waiting for concert tickets, or suffer the consequence of being seated next to the bathroom between a man who doesn’t believe in showers and a screaming baby.

Once the door is open, however, the line matters not.  It’s a mad dash for the airplane, which is parked on the tarmac.  Whoever is the fastest gets the best seats.  Sorry grandma!

Even if you manage to get the seat you wanted, there will be no rest.  I have never in my life experienced seats that close together and without seat pockets.  How much money can you save on seat pockets?

Once the plane is in the air, it turns into a crowded baseball game.  I kid you not, the crew walk up and down the aisle constantly yelling, “candy, drinks, smokeless cigarettes?”   It never ends.  I made the mistake of asking for a coke.  A third of a coke can costs 4 dollars.

Once the flight touches down, a trumpet fanfare plays.  What is the meaning behind this?  It’s like when people clap after a particularly bumpy flight where they were all convinced they were going to die.  Is the trumpet fanfare to celebrate that we actually made it?  Because that’s the only thing going through my head.

Never again Lyin Air!  I will pay the extra hundred dollars for my assigned seat, Starbucks and piece of mind.

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