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No one wants see-through bathrooms

Looking up hotels for Barcelona and starting to remember how it was last time we were there. Both of the hotels we stayed in just had weird frosted glass separating the bathroom from the main room. Who wants this? We had to start leaving the room each time the other one really needed to use the toilet because it was too embarassing.

Looking through hotels today, I see nothing has changed. Took a screenshot of how the bathrooms look in many Barcelona hotels:

Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 09.34.11.png

Thanks for the image, son.

After eating a bit too much curry at lunch, my son had to spend a long time in the bathroom yesterday evening. When he finally came out, he said:

“I thought I had dysentery! But not like Oregon Trail, more like Oregon ROAD!”


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I no longer want to go to the end of the rainbow

I guess if you own a port-a-potty company, you might as well come up with a funny name.


Sweden has left the building

My encounter with the repairman last week says a lot about life in Sweden in the summertime.

“I replaced your medicine cabinet mirror, but it’s got no handle so you can’t open it.  I’ll get you a new handle, but I’m going on vacation Friday, so I’ll get it to you at the end of JULY.”

Hope we don’t need any Band-Aids for the next 6 weeks.


Bathroom: A Space Odyssey

While looking at we could never afford, I found this.  It’s a bathroom.  Or part of the bathroom.  I have no idea what the purpose of this part of the room is, unless they are aliens and this is their spaceship.  This is what people with too much money do:


Voodoo bathroom

There are only 3 bathrooms at work for our floor of around 60 people so with all of the coffee drinking around here I am sometimes forced to use the second floor bathroom, or the Angry Voodoo Bathroom as I like to call it.

All other bathrooms in the building are fairly normal, but apparently there is a lot of friction on the second floor which is expressed with angry notes and symbols. Each bathroom has a paper taped behind the toilet complaining in big letters about people who don’t sit all the way on the toilet and leave a bit behind on the rim. I think it’s common sense to not pee all over the seat but it seems someone on the second floor had a bad experience.

The notes would be more annoying than disturbing if I hadn’t twice found a voodoo doll sitting on top of the paper towel dispenser. I have to say it’s very effective for keeping people out of your bathroom and making sure they keep it clean. Maybe they’re onto something down there.

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