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Tag lines

While pre-publishing a post for next week (I’ll be on vacation) about politics and Europe, I was suggested certain tags for my post in order to publicize it. I’m still trying to figure out why the tagging suggestions were America, beer and cheese.

Not that I’m complaining, I’m just not sure what that has to do with politics and Europe. Unless of course the underlying message is, “Hey man, just come to America, eat cheese, drink beer and forget about your problems.”

I suppose that’s good political policy as well.

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Pictures of pork, beer and pretzels

My lunch all last week.  I’m currently on a salad diet.


Duck bachelors

Every day I walk on the edge of a nature reserve near our neighborhood.  For 3 years, now a pair of Mallard ducks have made their spring/summer residence in a large puddle near the sidewalk.  Technically, this puddle is almost a small pond and I’m not going to ruin their home by pointing out that it only exists because of mud and rain.

A few weeks ago, the Mallard couple turned up again.  It was a nice sign of spring returning and I was happy to see them.  Each day for a week, they swam around, having a nice chat.  But the second week, the female disappeared only to be replaced by 2 more males.  And when I walked by this week, there were 4 males and no signs of females.  In my mind, the couple got into an argument and the female stormed off.  She’s probably tired of having to chase off the magpies while the male sits around ordering bread baskets and the latest feather maintenance products. The male’s friends heard about this and are now gathering around to make it a rockin’ bachelor pad (puddle) to cheer him up.  “Don’t worry about her man, she was always rufflin’ your feathers!  There’s other ducks in the lake!”

My husband says the females must be off laying eggs, but he just doesn’t understand human duck nature the way I do.

Male Mallard Duck Race

Back from Slovenia!

Back from Slovenia!  And it was actually a very beautiful place!

We were in Ljubljana and it was Christmas market time.  The whole old part of the city was lit up with a castle overlooking the town.  Very nice!

My only complaint was about the menus at some of the restaurants.  It seems that over half of the restaurants have menus with about 50 items, yet they only have maybe 5.  They’re hoping you pick one of those 5 otherwise I’m sure they might have mentioned that when people walked in.

Anyway, here’s how it went to get a “beer.”

Six beers listed on the menu:

“Can I have a Guinness please?”

“No, we don’t have that.”

“What about this one here called Bandito?”

“No, we don’t have that.  You can have ‘Radler’.”

umm… ok

Turned out to be a grapefruit beer.

Luckily the Christmas markets outside were overflowing with hot wine and honey mead.  My evening was saved.


Show your bald man you love him, give him a beer

I was just looking up cooking classes when I found an ad for “beer tasting.”  That’s great.  I’ve been to one and it’s fun.  My problem is with the picture.  I would have expected a picture of beer, or maybe someone tasting a beer.  Instead I get a picture of a woman kissing a man on the head.  Not really understanding the connection here unless it’s, “C’mon ladies, let your man out of the house for once and give him a treat.”  It just looks like she’s humoring him.  Doesn’t she want to taste beer too?  I’m quite upset.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 14.49.59

My hovercraft is full of eels

I saw a paper yesterday for new students coming to Sweden. It gives helpful phrases they may need to know in Swedish. There were only about 20 phrases. The best 2 were, “How do you like it in Sweden? – It gets better every day!” (There was no option for ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘it’s bad’.) And of course, “How much is the beer?”

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