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I wrote a new book!

I have a new book out! (also available on Amazon.co.uk) !
How would you act if you accidentally arrived with your extended family on a nude beach in France? Or if a Turkish salesman in the grand bazaar in Istanbul offered to replace your husband with a new one? How about having to go to the bathroom in front of your friends in the forest behind a sheet with the words “ladies room” painted on it? Heather Jonasson has handled these incidents, and more, on her trips around Europe and the US. Heather Jonasson is a native Texan who moved to the small, frozen country of Sweden in northern Europe for love. Now, follow her along as she tells of her travel adventures in Europe and the US.
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Suicide Circus

Worst Circus ever.

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Going to movies in other countries

This weekend, my husband and I were in Berlin.  While he was at a work function, I decided to check out a movie.  I found a theater that ran movies in the original language, bought a ticket and took a seat.  Here is what I noticed:

1. The movie theater doesn’t take credit cards.  This seems to be a big problem in Germany.  Happens everywhere we go.  Restaurants, taxis, movies….  It’s 2013 Germany!  Get with the program!

2. The German commercials are terrifying.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for insurance or butter.  The images jump out at you and it’s scary.

3. After a few commercials, there was an ad for ice cream.  After the ad, the lights came back on and a girl (like the old cigarette girls) came out with her box and said, “Ice cream?  Anyone for ice cream?”  The Americans behind me whispered, “Does the chocolate bar girl come out next?”


Berlin Hotels Continued

Here’s what I got when I tried to click on “rooms” at a hotel in Berlin.

Yep.  That’s pretty much what I think of when I think of Germany.  Especially the smoking rabbit.


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.34.21

Berlin hotels

Next month, my husband and I will be going to Berlin over a weekend.  It’s my job to find the hotel.  I have lots of nice suggestions, but my husband has said no to all.  See if you can find what his problem is.  These are all actual hotels:

Hotel Transit Loft (not cosy enough?)

Pangea People Hostel  (a little cultish sounding, but probably quite welcoming)

Apartment ChristBurger (It’s got Christ, it’s got Burgers – what could be wrong?)

Soylent Lodge  (so what if it’s made out of people?)



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