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No politics at all !

Just reminding everyone that I have a new book out – “As Long as I Have My Own Bathroom” – which is great summer reading while you’re on vacation, but most of all, IT CONTAINS ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICS!

For sale in the U.S. here – https://amzn.com/1530292964

For sale at other Amazons, such as – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1530292964

For sale in Sweden here – http://tinyurl.com/zfjql79

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30 Days of Cauliflower Recipes

Amazon just recommended a book for me called “30 Days of Cauliflower Recipes.” Not sure if this is a cookbook or a fictional story about month-long starvation and torture.


Photo: colourbox.com

Non- fiction means REAL

I’m currently looking for a book for my dad.  I chose the category of NON-fiction from the Target website.  Included in this section is Stephen King’s book “11/22/63.”

I read this book.  It’s about a man who finds a time portal in a diner that takes him back to the late 50s.  He decides to spend a few years tracking down Lee Harvey Oswald and trying to prevent Kennedy’s murder in 1963.

Gee, I had no idea this was NON-fiction!  You think more people would be visiting that time portal.

Thanks Target for showing me the truth.


Party in Aisle 3

This past weekend I went to a book-release party in the book department of a department store.  This has to be the strangest place I’ve ever been for a party.  I’m fairly sure that whoever runs the department store must have realized that everyone would be using books for coasters and potato chip plates.  Even stranger was that there were 2 bands performing.  This was not a bookstore or a large book section; it was a small crowded book department.  The screaming singer was crawling on the floor between the displays for Fifty Shades of Grey and Pokémon Adventures (an odd combination to have next to each other anyway – but maybe not….. I haven’t read either).   It really took away from the atmosphere they were trying to create.

I started wondering how you could ruin other parties just by location.  Nobel award dinner at McDonald’s?  80th birthday party at a butcher store?  Retirement party at the pharmacy?  For myself, I’m planning my 40th at the airport security line.




More lovely pictures

Speaking of pictures from books, this one is my husband’s favorite:

Bad Monkey

I read a lot of children’s books to my kids and it’s always fun when you find interesting pictures in them.  Sometimes the illustrator likes to hide funny things in pictures that not everyone notices.  My favorite is from a Curious George book.  It’s a little picture off to the side, almost hidden in the crack of the book.   Always makes me laugh.  I’d like a t-shirt made of this picture:

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