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Adventures in public transportation

Otherwise known as “Yesterday: A true story”

Scene 1

Woman runs for bus. Bus drives off as she reaches stop.

Scene 2

After catching later bus, Woman arrives to pick up son at school, but school is dark. Sign on door says school closed early. Woman trudges to separate building where they store leftover kids of forgetful parents.

Scene 3

Woman and kid wait at bus stop in light rain. Five minutes pass.

Lady in yellow vest: Are you waiting for the bus?

Woman: Yes

Lady in yellow vest: It doesn’t go from here this week. You’ll have to walk to the next stop.

Scene 4

Wet and tired woman and kid walk 10 minutes to next bus stop to find group of 50 people waiting for bus.

Woman sighs.

Scene 5

Woman and kid fight their way off packed bus to discover driver stopped 200 meters from station. In the rain.

Scene 6 – Next day

Woman sits at bus stop for 15 minutes. When bus pulls up, woman realizes she has been waiting at the stop that goes the opposite direction. Crosses street to wait 10 minutes more for correct bus.





The most popular game in Stockhkolm

As my son and I were running to catch the bus the other day, he started humming a tune.  The tune sounded a bit like a video game and I had a revelation.

Stockholmers (and anyone in a big city) would totally go crazy for a game where you have to catch the bus!  It’s just like a racing game with a clock.  You have obstacles (crossing street, slow lady on phone blocking sidewalk, construction, etc.).

You could even have later versions and add-ons.  Bus Catch Winter!  “Oh no! There’s too much snow for the buses to drive and the subways are too crowded!  You don’t have a car.  How do you get to work 30 minutes away?”

Copyrighted by me.  I’m telling you.  It could be a big hit!


YOU drive the bus!

Ok, I understand that parents are outraged, and I probably would be too, but you have to admit it is a little funny.  I think we’ve all had days where we felt like doing this:

“Baines Middle School students on the bus said it started when the driver became angry because several children on the bus were being loud. The students said the driver stopped the bus on a busy bridge in traffic, packed up her purse and got up to leave.

“We asked her, ‘Why did you stop the bus?’ And she turned off the engine and threw the keys at me, and said, ‘No, since you want to ask questions and make problems, you drive the bus.'”

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.03.03

On the bus

I was riding the bus when a group of daycare children came on with their teachers to sit in the rows behind me.  It was very interesting listening to the 4 year olds try to pick seats:

“I don’t want to sit by him!”  “I want the window!”  “He’s touching me!”

It’s like everything that I always want to say on the bus, except if I said it people would think I was rude and crazy.  I know the rest of you want to say the same things.  I guess it rolls back around and when you’re age 90 you can say these things again.  Only 50+ more years to go!


The Booty Bus

Once again, I have Spotify recommendations.  I thought this was an interesting paring of tastes.  Thanks Spotify!


Time Traveling on a Friday morning

I called a number this morning while I was on the bus and left this message for a friend:

“Hello, I’m calling from Friday morning.  I hope you are having a good Thursday night. I’ll try to call again this weekend.”

In reality, I’m calling from Europe, where it is 7 am in the morning on Friday, to my friend in California – where it is 10pm Thursday night.  But to my eavesdropping fellow passengers…. I’m a time traveler from the future!  I randomly call people in the past to warn them about events that will occur 9 hours later!

I like to call my friend on New Years day each year so that I am calling to the past year.  I’ve often wondered about flying on New Year’s Eve/day at midnight.  “I stepped on the plane in Texas in the year 2012 and when I exited the plane in England, it was already 2013.”


In case you don’t live in Stockholm and were wondering what it was like earlier this week to fight off half a million people for buses when they shut down the subway, I took a picture:

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