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#56 A Patrick for St. Patrick’s Day!

Patrick was born in Detroit to Irish parents and has been in Sweden 3 years. We talk about Detroit, Swedish dog rules and of course St. Patrick’s Day!

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Horrible Vintage Christmas cards pt.3

These evil pigs would like to wish you a merry Christmas! And maybe eat your children.












This is a message for the Swedes – HALLOWEEN IS OCTOBER 31 !  IT IS ONLY ONE DAY AND IT IS ALWAYS OCTOBER 31.

When I first moved here twelve years ago, Halloween was barely celebrated at all.  Over the years things have gotten better.  It is easier to find pumpkins for sale and some businesses actually put up decorations.  I feel that the Swedes want to celebrate this holiday but are a bit confused by the proper way to do it.

It seems that it is often confused here for the weekend that is closest to All Saints Day, or the weekend before.  In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to celebrate Halloween over a 2 weekend period here.

We don’t get many trick or treaters because children trick or treat on Easter instead (more on that in April).  Last year we had two trick or treaters come to the door on October 31 and I congratulated them with extra candy just for getting the right day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy that they celebrate it more here, but once November starts I am completely out of Halloween mode and have eaten all the candy.  So get it right – OCTOBER 31.  I expect to see everyone in costume, jack-o-lanterns and kids at my door.  I will be waiting with a big bag of Twix, which is a candy I like, so I can eat it all when no one shows up.

UN day

Yesterday was UN day in Sweden.  This is a day when we are supposed to celebrate different cultures and countries.  From my experience, this is mostly only celebrated by schools.   For my children,  I sent then with two containers full of peach cobbler.  It’s a southern U.S. dessert and one of my favorites, so it really kills me to know that the children at school will take one look at it, declare it mush and waste it.  I’ve only got one mix pack left and it’s like gold.

At the place where I work, they gave a concert.  I had the idea that this should be a concert of world music, but instead they only sang British and American music.  I think they missed the whole point of the day, or it was the only music they could play on guitar.  Here was the playlist:

1. Imagine (John Lennon) – Ok, I guess I get this one.  Unifying everyone, world peace and love, etc.

2. Let it Be (Beatles) – This is stretching it I think.  What exactly does this have to do with the countries of the world?

3. Dust in the Wind (Kansas) – So the message here is – nothing matters, we all turn to dirt and die.  Hooray UN day!

4. Lean on Me – Really?  Will this song ever go away?  They sang this back when I was in school at gatherings in the auditorium.  It’s just been way too overused.  I’m surprised they didn’t do an encore with “Stand by Me.”  Once again, what does this have to do with UN day?  Lean on me other countries!  Hmm… maybe it’s a message about the Greek Economic bailout.  Yes, I’ll go with that.

Happy UN day everyone.


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