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Creamation, uh.. I mean cream with your coffee?

I live next to a graveyard that is also a World Heritage Site for it’s architecture and placement in a forest. It’s a nice place to walk around. Greta Garbo even has a gravestone there.

Today I had an ad show up to let me know that I can tour the architecture with a guide when I visit the graveyard, or I can even have a snack in their nice cafe.

It’s a graveyard.

Not a church.

A graveyard.

And people go there to chat over cinammon buns and coffee surrounded by gravestones.

It just seems rude to eat and drink in front of people who can’t.

(Actual photo from the ad… these gals look pretty happy. They must have been to a funeral for someone they didn’t like.)

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 15.42.39

Spooky sunbathing

Took a walk today at lunch through a graveyard.  I’ve always thought it was creepy that they built a hospital across the street from a graveyard.  Half of the patient rooms are facing it.  What a depressing view.  Saves time with transportation after unsuccessful surgeries.

A friend at work told me about a graveyard somewhere in the city where people often sunbathe.  Two thoughts on this:

1.  At least people visit.

2. I wouldn’t want to spend too much time lying still in a graveyard.

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