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Chicago Cubes

While we were in Italy, we heard the news about the Chicago Cubs World Series win on the radio. Of course, it took us a while to figure it out since the Italian announcer congratulated the “Chicago Cubes.”


I wrote a new book!

I have a new book out! (also available on Amazon.co.uk) !
How would you act if you accidentally arrived with your extended family on a nude beach in France? Or if a Turkish salesman in the grand bazaar in Istanbul offered to replace your husband with a new one? How about having to go to the bathroom in front of your friends in the forest behind a sheet with the words “ladies room” painted on it? Heather Jonasson has handled these incidents, and more, on her trips around Europe and the US. Heather Jonasson is a native Texan who moved to the small, frozen country of Sweden in northern Europe for love. Now, follow her along as she tells of her travel adventures in Europe and the US.
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First impression of Chicago

This sign greeted me in the taxi.  Hope I have a $50 bill on me.


The Fugitive

Almost all of my knowledge about Chicago is based on “The Fugitive.”  However, my husband doesn’t think it’s funny that at every restaurant and museum, I walk up to the desk and tell them I’m looking for a one-armed man.

It’s my vacation too, you know!



We are heading for Chicago for a short trip on our way to Texas.  Why Chicago, you ask?  Because my husband just read a book about the serial killer H.H. Holmes from the 1890s and was fascinated by streets filled with horse manure and gritty worker conditions.

But if anyone in customs asks, it’s for Chicago’s rich culture, museums and food.


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