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Card packs

I had to explain to my Swedish family this morning how when I was in elementary school, we decorated boxes and everyone in class had to give everyone else a Valentine’s card. We would either make the cards or buy them in packs of 30 at the store. I explained that these cards often had popular characters that kids liked.

They had never heard of this.

So, for everyone who never heard of this or just for some nostalgia, here’s some examples of the packs sold in the 1980s when I was in elementary school, along with my comments:


My husband didn’t believe there were actually Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards


Hamburgers equal love. Very American.


“Hulkamania’s runnin’ wild on Valentine’s Day”? What does that even mean?


Now who wouldn’t feel special to get a card from a raisin?



My personal favorite

Children are our future

My husband gave a presentation to a 4th grade class yesterday and asked the kids how they veiw the future and what new technologies they think we will have 50 years from now.

I asked him how it went and he said, “It’s amazing the number of children who answer Robot Slaves. In fact, one kid drew a picture of himself pointing and yelling ‘Bring chips!’ while a robot bent over meekly in the corner.”


Old Timey Days

Our son (11 yrs old): Our class wants to do an “Old Timey Day” at school.
Us (picturing frontier times, bonnets): That sounds great!
Our son: Yeah, like the 1980’s or something.


Scandinavian Film

Recently, I’ve been taking an online course on Scandinavian film.  This course has been going on now for 4 weeks, but I can save you the time spent taking the course by summing up everything I’ve learned right here:

Scandinavian film is extremely depressing.

There you go.  You’ve just earned your certificate with your knowledge about ALL Scandinavian film. You’re welcome.


Will it never end?

You think I’m joking when I say everything about in Sweden is about Abba, but here is today’s homework in Swedish class.  It’s all about two men named Björn and Benny…..


Movie review

Our assignment today was to write a movie review in Swedish. Everyone else was picking all these girly “Under the Tuscan Sun” type dramas.

I picked The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s great because I’m learning lots of useful phrases like “he wears a mask of human skin.” (människohud)

I’m not sure if we will have to read these out loud but I fully expect to get my own table area after this.




Today in Swedish class, we had a list of vocabulary words.  One girl didn’t recognize the word “genius” in Swedish and asked what it was.  As the teacher was answering her, I heard a guy in the back mumble, “It means, not you.”

Once again…. even as an adult, school is exactly the same as always.


Another day, another Swedish class

As I said last week, going to school as an adult is pretty much the same as high school.  The teacher’s heels click down the hall as she walks to the room, I got caught spacing out when she called on me the other day, I’ve already identified the jock and the A+ student, etc.

We have been asked to read a novel that we can discuss as a class.  First thing today, everyone complained about the choice of novel.  “It’s too hard, can’t we pick whatever we want?”  That took up 20 minutes and the answer of course was no.  This reminds me of the same thing we did in 7th grade when we didn’t want to read George Orwell’s “1984”.  We complained so much that we got “The Outsiders” instead.  Lesson learned.  Never complain.  Orwell is clearly the superior, though my 12-yr old self didn’t realize it at the time.

We also got someone in the back of the room today who raised his hand and complained, “Why does Swedish have to have so many words that mean the same thing?”  The teacher of course asked if his native Greek did not have 2 words that meant basically the same thing – like happy and glad.

I await more interesting discussion from my classmates tomorrow.

Schoolchildren bored in a classroom, during lesson.

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