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What to wear, what to wear…

I’m going to two “musical events” this week. One tonight and one tomorrow. Trying to figure out what to wear to each one. Hope I don’t get them confused.

Tonight – Icelandic band Hatari
Tomorrow – Ballet at the Royal Opera

Is Saturday Lederhosen day?

People of Munich, Germany.  A question.

Is Saturday Lederhosen day?  I only ask because about 40 percent of your population were wearing them last Saturday.  Here’s just a few I got pictures of.

Whatever the answer, I loved it.  It entertained me all day.


Wild City Skaters

This shirt is marked down to just 10 SEK ($1) at H&M.  The mistake was selling it to kids. Put it in a retro ironic boutique shop for hipsters and it would sell out.

Skärmavbild 2015-01-15 kl. 12.55.04

Lately, Stockholm has been one giant sheet of ice. If you want some comedy, just look out any window and watch people slip, slide and try to keep their balance outside.

This is also generally the time of year I start to see the largest number of people with crutches and casts.

In order not to end up as one of those people, I dug out my snow-grippers for my boots today, much to my husband’s dismay. Every time I wrap these things around my boots, he’s embarassed to walk with me. In his words, “Only old people wear those.”

I used to argue about this and almost had him on my side until we stepped on an escalator and my gripper got caught between the lines in the steps.  Luckily, I freed myself at the last moment while my husband walked quickly away hiding his face.

He also doesn’t seem to like the “click, click” sound they make when we go inside a building. I tell him to pretend he’s married to a tap dancer.




I did some shopping at a “Vintage” store the other day. I found 3 things that I used to own.  That’s just not right. I’m not that old. These were things from the 1980s.  How can that be vintage? Vintage should be the 20s – 60s. Not tacky see-through green sun visors that I wore on my trip to Disneyworld.

I also found one of my old skirts and an awful jacket I used to wear. I better start saving my current clothes. I’ll probably be able to sell those to the Vintage store by next month.


Fake Pockets

So I go to put a Kleenex in the pocket of my new pants today only to realize that my pants are full of fake pockets!!!!  There wasn’t one real pocket on there.  I almost ripped the stitching out trying to get one to open.   Luckily I had my boots on so I stuffed the Kleenex in there.   Anyway, that’s what I get for buying pants on sale.

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