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Nordic gardens

There is an event taking place in March, here in Sweden, called “Nordic Gardens.” This is what I picture:

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 08.10.59

Swedish problems

I like that I live in a country where this story has dominated the headlines the entire week. Someone drew a penis on a frozen stream in the snow in the middle of a southern city and the city had trouble getting on the stream to remove it, but finally managed to.  Now this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 08.44.23

If we all just chip in…..

I live in an apartment complex. We have an incredibly boring middle space between our two buildings with nothing on it because the building company decided to “keep the nature,” which basically translates to them wanting to save costs by not developing any common area for us to have barbecues.

But now I’ve found this amazing product online. How perfect is this for Swedish winters? I’m fairly certain all the neighbors could chip in – and with all of us, it wouldn’t be expensive at all. We could reserve times in our igloo just like we reserve laundry times. I’m pretty sure I can convince everyone, especially if I promise to keep the igloo stocked with glögg (warm Christmas wine).

If I can get them to sign up on this, maybe later I can get us a hot tub as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 08.09.32


This was on my hometown in southeast Texas’ Facebook page.  Apparently they’re having some freezing temperatures for a couple of nights.

Otherwise known as “a typical Thursday” here in Stockholm for the next 4 months.

“…an appropriate coat.”   What is an inappropriate coat?  A see-through raincoat?  A coat made out of bottlecaps?

“….keep adequate food & water available.”   Only for cold weather, or for warm weather as well?

“….bring potted plants inside….”   Good advice.  Not like me who leaves them on the balcony all winter with the idea of ‘if they survive, good for them!’

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 09.36.54

No, thanks

Saw this happening at a lake in our area the other day.

I’ll try a lot of things – escargot, zip line, frog-hopping dances…..  but this is where I draw the line.


Is it just me?

I’m currently sitting at work in my winter coat.  Normally I sit in the next room with a portable heater all alone.  The other people who work here don’t want to sit there with me and call it the “sauna room” because of the heater.

I know many Swedes are descended from Vikings, but even Vikings wore fur and proper winter gear, plus appreciated a warm fire.  Why am I the only one freezing all the time?  It must be some sort of Swedish pride thing that they can’t admit they’re cold.  Or is there still something I haven’t figured out after 14 years of living here.  I’ve learned to by down-feather coats, have a hat that goes over my ears, wear wool socks…. things I never knew about in Texas.

But I still think they’re hiding things from me about how to stay warm. Maybe I earn a new badge when I’ve made 15 years here.  Then I get a new secret, “we all coat ourselves in butter under our clothes” or something like that.

Skärmavbild 2014-12-03 kl. 11.04.56

Onion eyes

I have a cold today.  I blame switching over to the winter coat.  Once you give in to winter, the sickness just show up immediately.

My eyes are watering like I’m carrying around onions in my pockets.  Oh wait…. maybe that’s the strange smell coming from my coat.

fml- roy lichtenstein Girl-Crying_L.jpg

I give up

Fine.  3 c outside for the past week.  I give up.  I’m changing to a winter coat now – not to take it off again until around April.  You win again Sweden!  I couldn’t make it to December!


Refrigeration not necessary

I brought a sandwich to work in a refrigerated bag with an ice clamp just to make sure my cheese would stay fresh.

Did I forget I live in Stockholm and it’s the end of October?
Did I forget that the office I’m working in is currently 9c (50f) each day?

Refrigerated bag – What was I thinking?  You know, I had to buy that bag in Texas because other than maybe 1 month out of the year, this entire country is a refrigerator!

I think I’ll bring some ice cream to work tomorrow.


You can’t win

The temperature is right at freezing and rainy.  I put my youngest son in warm socks and a hat and he is sweating.  I take off the socks and hat and he is freezing.

My solution – Make a lot of money, my dear boy, and move us all to a country with a nice mild climate.

The boy is not amused.


Getting darker

It’s already getting darker outside.  It’s supposed to be gradual after the autumn equinox.  Just a couple of minutes a day.  LIES!  It jumped an hour earlier just 2 days after the equinox.

In just a matter of days, it’s already become harder to wake up and we are all contemplating when to switch to winter coats.  The trouble here is that once you switch to a winter coat, you won’t be wearing anything else for the next 6 months.  I’m trying to hold out as long as possible.  I’ve added knee socks, gloves and a scarf.  Next week I might move to a hat.


I used to live in a building with a trash chute in the stairwell.  That was the greatest.  I could walk 3 steps outside my door in my pajamas and toss trash immediately into a magic chute where I never had to think about it again.

But as usual, someone in the city of Stockholm had to complain and now all new buildings have bins for trash outside of the building, while many old buildings are closing up their trash chutes and moving them outside as well.

What awful person had to ruin this for us!  It’s -15 several months out of the year here!  I really don’t have time to take on a winter coat, boots, scarf, gloves, hat, etc just to take out the trash!

Our neighbors found a way around this.  They simply leave the trash outside their door and stink up the house until they happen to be heading outside (which apparently they don’t do every day).

I’m considering building a metal slide from the 3rd floor to the outside trash chute.  I don’t think anyone would mind.  I think they would join me.

Winter Olympics

I’m hearing a lot about the Winter Olympics going on, but it can’t possibly be as exciting as my own personal Winter Olympics going on each day.  I have to dodge every rooftop on the way through the neighborhood with sword sized icicles.

Snow Chaos!!!!

The news reported yesterday that we were going to get a little snowstorm today with another foot of snow.  It’s been advised that people should stay indoors if possible and prepare for delays on public transportation.  Everything was calm this morning, but I think the mini-blizzard has begun.  It’s looking bad outside the window and it’s hard to watch knowing I have to go out in it in a couple of hours.  The only good thing about these little snowstorms (besides watching them from indoors with a cup of hot chocolate) is that the Swedish news calls it “SNOW CHAOS!” (Snökaos!)  I think that’s a much better word than snowstorm.  Much more dramatic.  When you hear snowstorm, you think lots of snow blowing all around.  When you think of snow chaos, you imagine people blowing away in the air, roofs torn off buildings, traffic jams and everyone losing their minds.   Or at least that’s how I picture it.

Issue one – Soup

I’ve been trapped in the house for a week now.  I’ve noticed when you don’t get outside, your world gets a bit smaller.  Today I will entertain you with the very important issues in my life right now.

Heather’s Soup Review:

Now at the top of the soup list is Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.  Unfortunately this is not sold in Sweden and I only had one can from the states.  It was much appreciated.  Just the right levels between liquid and solid.

Next is the Swedish military pea soup. Always a popular sick meal around here.  While I do enjoy the pea soup, I wish there was an option of “less pork” or whatever it is they put in there.  The can reads, “Extra mycket fläskkött!”  I used to look for the can that didn’t say this.  I figured if you labelled a can as having “extra,” then there must be a normal version.  I mean, how can it be extra if there was never less in the can to begin with?  This always bothers me.

Yesterday’s selection was Kelda’s Mediterannean Tomato.  I think it’s Mediterannean because they threw an eggplant in there.   Quite tasty though.

Today is the tough decision between Chicken Carribean and Forest Mushroom Soup.  I think Forest Mushroom is going to win because it has better packaging.  Will this improve the quality of the soup?  I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the results.

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