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Duvet cover

It’s time for a new duvet cover for the bed. My husband said I could pick it out.

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 17.53.25.png

Boring Sunday + 3D Printer =

My husband was so preoccupied with whether he could, he didn’t stop to think if he should.

Language barriers

I had a woman over to my house the other day who neither spoke good English or Swedish.  She got a small cut on her hand and indicated by pointing that she needed a band-aid.  I tried to tell her where they were.  She understood that they were in the medicine cabinet but couldn’t find them.  Do you know why she couldn’t find them?  Because  I have children and therefore only have dinosaur band-aids in a dinosaur container.  Tell me….  how do I explain “My dinosaur band-aids are in a dinosaur case” to someone without words?  I ended up making a dinosaur charade and then used the words “sorry” and “kids.”  She finally figured it out.


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