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Scandinavian Film

Recently, I’ve been taking an online course on Scandinavian film.  This course has been going on now for 4 weeks, but I can save you the time spent taking the course by summing up everything I’ve learned right here:

Scandinavian film is extremely depressing.

There you go.  You’ve just earned your certificate with your knowledge about ALL Scandinavian film. You’re welcome.


Tornado School!

It’s time to look at schools for our oldest son.  After careful searching through the neighborhood, I finally found the perfect school.  TORNADO SCHOOL!!!!!  I know nothing about it, it just sounds exciting.   Unfortunately, it’s a bit too far out of our area.  Too bad.  I was hoping he could start there, continue on to Thunderstorm high school and finally end up at Hurricane University.

Here is a picture of the actual logo from the school:

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