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Important questions in an election

We had elections here in Sweden yesterday. I was reading the morning paper which had a section where they ask people on the street “What do you think is the most important issue in this election?”

One person answered ‘schools’, another answered ‘welfare,’ but my favorite was the woman who answered “The dog question. Where I can let my dog loose is something I want the answer to!”

Good point. I don’t see enough parties discussing the important issue of places to unleash your dog. They’re spending all this time arguing about schools, development and immigration, but not one party speaks up for Mr. Woofers, who apparently has trouble finding one of the many leash free dog parks that are pretty much in every neighborhood around here. Right on Mr. Woofers and Mr. Woofer’s caretaker! Important issues!



One of the political parties in Stockholm wants to have butlers in the subway.  My idea when I read the headline was that he would follow each person around, carry their bags, warm up and save a seat, hold open doors when you’re running and have a hot cup of tea waiting when you step in.

However, it seems that their idea is to have someone do your laundry and your grocery shopping for you so you can pick it up at the subway station when you get off of work.  The laundry thing is ridiculous.  Why would people in Stockholm carry their giant laundry bags all the way to the subway, give their dirty underwear to a stranger or PAY to have their laundry done when everyone has free laundry rooms in their apartment buildings?

Oh well.  I guess it’s nice to live in a city where apparently there are no other issues for the political parties to discuss except whether we should have butlers in the subways.

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