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#45 What Does the Swede Say?

To celebrate our one-year anniversary of the podcast, we turn the tables this week and talk to a Swede!

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Falukorv – or – How can you mess up sausage?

Sausage.  How can anyone mess up a sausage?  This was always my belief until I moved to Sweden.  How do you mess it up?  Turn it into falukorv!  I’m not sure what falukorv is either than a nasty sausage that has a slight pickling taste.  Sausages are not to be pickled!

For some reason, kids love this, so the only time my husband and sons get to eat it is when I go out.  Wait a minute…. now I’m realizing why they’re always telling me I should go out more often.  Hm….

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