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It’s semla day!

Today is Fat Tuesday. In Sweden, this is known as the day when we EAT ALL THE SEMLA!

What is a semla?

It’s pastry awesomeness. That’s all you need to know.

I actually have to get to a bakery early today to make sure I get enough for our family. Last year I went at 4pm and there was a line a block down the street for the bakery I like to buy mine from. In fact, this bakery made headlines this year because they are selling a special gold semla “covered in edible gold” for 995 SEK (around $120), though we will stick to the regular semlor which costs around 40 SEK (just under $5).

To understand how awesome a semla is, you just need to know that King Adolf Fredrik of Sweden died from eating too many in 1771, and most of us think that must be a great way to go!

I leave you with semla photos. I will be in a semla coma this evening.


It’s here.  One of the greatest days of the year!  Some call it Fat Tuesday, Shove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday…. but here in Sweden, it’s SEMMELDAGEN!

The day we are allowed to eat these heavenly treats without guilt.  (Yes, we’ve been eating them since January, but WITH guilt….. today is without.)

I hope to write again tomorrow unless I am in a semla coma.  A Swedish king died from eating these you know!  They’re that good!


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