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Boring Sunday + 3D Printer =

My husband was so preoccupied with whether he could, he didn’t stop to think if he should.

12 Angry Birds

My youngest son was extremely excited yesterday when looking over our movie list and seeing that we had “12 Angry Men.” He thought it was a sequel to the Angry Birds movie.


This really irritates me

Someone posted this in a Facebook group yesterday. Here’s my problem with this every time I see it in a movie…

In most of these movie situations, the person is moving across the country, taking another job, or going back to someone else – otherwise there would be no last minute dash to stop someone from leaving forever. If they’re just on spring break to Florida, it can wait until Monday.

So now that we’ve established it’s a life-changing, never-come-back flight…  Can you imagine the time it took to pack up everything for the move? And what about the cost of hiring movers, plus extra luggage on the plane? To make it even simpler, what about the price of a plane ticket? You’re looking at $500-2000 depending on where you’re moving.

After you’re stopped from getting on the plane, can you imagine how much trouble you have to go through to remove your luggage, if it’s even possible when the plane is already boarding (as it always is during these scenes)? That means you need to go to the desk to file a luggage claim, which takes forever. Plus, if it was your decision not to board, there’s no refund for that. You’ll also have to pay the movers to bring everything back. Is this love-of-your-life going to chip in for costs? Unpack boxes? Or even wait in line with you to fill out forms at the luggage counter?

This is my problem with this type of scene. Thank you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.40.23

Little Shop of Horrors – Alternate ending

So I decided to show my youngest son one of my favorite movies since I was 11 – “Little Shop of Horrors.” I’ve watched it many times over the years including last year with his older brother on the DVD I bought in the 90s. Well, my husband got new Blu-Ray versions of everything to put on our Apple TV and it seems he got the new release of the movie – the “everybody dies” ending that was rejected in the 80s.

As my son and I were watching, I was thinking, “I don’t remember Audrey dying.” Then the plant ate Seymour. “I really don’t remember this part.” And then the plants took over the whole world and ate everyone. The end. So it looks like I got to see a surprise new movie today too. Sorry ’bout that son! They lived when I was little!

I mean I always knew they all die in the black and white 60s version and the musical. but it was always safe and fun in the Frank Oz directed 1986 version. Wow. I mean, it was fine and my son loved it, it was just totally unexpected for me. I thought I was losing my memory at first.  Anyway, very interesting. Never knew. I wonder what other much-loved movies have changed their endings and how many more surprises I have in store for me re-watching old favorites.


Baytown Outlaws

I grew up in Baytown, Texas, just outside of Houston. I usually just tell people I’m from Houston since it’s more well known (and I pause for the required, “Houston, we have a problem” statement I get from each person thinking they’re the first ones to ever say that to me).

But now maybe Baytown is going to be on the map! As I googled the town today, I found this movie gem from just a few years back. Yep, once this movie catches on, I expect Baytown to be a tourist destination. I mean, look at the poster – it’s obviously high quality. I must have missed this movie’s Oscar nomination. It’s a proud moment for my hometown.  (I think that guy in the tank top used to be my daycare teacher.)


Alan Turing vs. the Sharknado

This weekend I watched both “The Imitation Game” (nominated for 8 Oscars) and “Sharknado 2″(nominated for 0 Oscars).

I will now write an comparison essay on these two films:

“Alan Turing overcame many obstacles to solve the Enigma code and therefore contributed to ending WW2.  In Sharknado 2, Finn’s wife overcame her struggle of losing her hand to a shark that bit it off in an airplane by attaching a circle-saw to her arm and saving her husband’s life by killing a giant shark on top of a skyscraper, thus leading to ……..  Wow. I can’t even remember how that ended even though I watched it 4 days ago.  Um…. they saved New York from the Sharknado like Turing saved Allied forces in WW2.”

(Stay tuned next weekend after I watch “The Theory of Everything” and “Big Ass Spider.”)


Pet peeve

As many people have been doing over the holidays, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix.  One of the shows I’ve been watching is  “Bletchley Circle,” about a group of former Bletchley Park code-breakers solving mysteries.

The show is great but one of the scenes drove me crazy. It’s not just this show either.  It’s a scene I’ve seen in a lot of movies and t.v. shows that always annoys me.

The women sneak into a police station to go through files, then they just pull out the papers they want, put them on a desk, on the floor, etc.  They don’t mark which folders they came from.  They’re all shuffled in a messy pile.

What happens after they’re done?  Do they put the files back where they belong?  If so, how do they figure out where they go? If they leave them all out, wouldn’t they be reported to the police once it’s discovered?  How is it for the next set of detectives who want to sneak into the file room if the last set pulled everything out of folders and didn’t put it back in the right places?

Also, when do they go to the toilet?


Scandinavian Film

Recently, I’ve been taking an online course on Scandinavian film.  This course has been going on now for 4 weeks, but I can save you the time spent taking the course by summing up everything I’ve learned right here:

Scandinavian film is extremely depressing.

There you go.  You’ve just earned your certificate with your knowledge about ALL Scandinavian film. You’re welcome.


The Fugitive

Almost all of my knowledge about Chicago is based on “The Fugitive.”  However, my husband doesn’t think it’s funny that at every restaurant and museum, I walk up to the desk and tell them I’m looking for a one-armed man.

It’s my vacation too, you know!



Just a little break from the usual to say – How did I miss the movie Zardoz??!!!

This was recommended by several people, so I looked it up.  Sean Connery, completely insane sci-fi movie.  Even though I have some bad feelings toward movies made in the 70s, I think I’ll have to get out some nachos and check this one out.





I like that Sweden subtitles their movies and keeps them in the original language.  The only thing that’s annoying is that we all read the subtitles before the actor says the joke, so we laugh before it’s delivered.  It must be very confusing for people who can’t read the Swedish subtitles.

“This is a country full of psychics!”



I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and cons.


No pickles

One of the best things about the movies in Houston are the giant Del-Dixi pickles.  I have always gotten a pickle at the movies since I was a kid.  I was so disappointed when I moved to Sweden where no pickles are sold at the movies.

We took a trip to Seattle where I enjoyed having much of the American food that I was missing.  I decided we should go to the movies to get a pickle, but while trying to decide what to see, I remembered to ask if they even sold pickles.  They did not, so we did not see a movie.  What a shame to realize that pickles at the movies are not a national thing.  I guess that might have been obvious to everyone else, but you never think about these things until you live somewhere else.


Worst dinosaur movie ever

I accidently started a horrible dinosaur movie for the kids. It’s poorness complete with a poorness soundtrack.  Every dinosaur in the movie talks like a 5 year old girl.  Why would dinosaurs sound like little girls?  Dinosaurs should sound like scary screaming monsters and all they should be doing is eating each other.  They can’t even use proper dinosaur names, – “Longnecks, Little Foot.”   What’s wrong with Brontosaurus, or Velociraptor?   Is that too hard for children?  Does Hollywood really think kids are this stupid?

I’m about to pull the plug and tell the kids, “Oh no!  The t.v. broke!”

You can fly!

In the Peter Pan movie, do you think they had to add in the part about the pixie dust after the first screening went wrong?   First Peter Pan says,  “All you need to fly is faith and trust…… oh, and a little bit of pixie dust!”   Always feels like that part was added in later.  Must have been some bad incidents with kids jumping out windows.

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