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Charter trips – Ja eller nej?

This week on our summer podcast edition “Swedes Explain,” former guest, half Swede/half Brit Sandy, explains why Swedes love to go on charter trips, as well as her experience working for one and the odd things that Swedes request.

You can find the podcast by typing in “Life in the Land of the Ice and Snow” anywhere you get your podcast or at any of these links:

Spotify – https://tinyurl.com/yyxc4lzp

iTunes – https://tinyurl.com/y2ysn8c7

Main site – https://iceandsnow.se/

Player FM – https://tinyurl.com/yy84yqcl


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The little plane that could

As I mentioned before, my husband and I took a 4-day long anniversary trip to Italy this past weekend. With only 4 days, we wanted every minute to count, which turned out to be a problem when the Italians decided to strike at the Rome airport. Our plane was delayed 3 hours until they could confirm landing clearance, so we were given vouchers for food (that worked in every restaurant except the specific one we went to, of course), and boarded our plane later in the afternoon.


Once the plane finished boarding and the doors were closed, it needed to be de-iced. The de-icing truck began to do its job and then ran out of de-icing liquid. We had to wait 20 minutes for another de-icing truck.


Finally, the de-icing was complete and it was time for the plane to be pushed back from the gate. We slowly moved backwards and then stopped after just a few feet. The truck pushing the plane broke down and we had to wait 20 minutes for a replacement truck.


The flight went smoothly after all the delays and we landed at Rome’s Fiumicino airport … only to wait on the tarmac an additional 20 minutes because of a plane in front of us.



Where’s MY emotional support peacock?

Have you ever been around a peacock for a long amount of time? They have the most horrifying scream. There’s no way a peacock could make someone calm.

Now, when it comes to meetings with people I don’t like, however, this would totally come in handy. I gotta get one of these.


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The only way I will fly Delta

So Delta airlines had pizza delivered to waiting passengers on a plane during the recent delays caused by their computer system. My thoughts:

  1. Can we please just do this every time instead of airline food? I will pay extra.
  2. Do the delivery guys get tips in airline tickets?
  3. And still, Pizza Hut won’t deliver to my neighborhood.

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Isn’t this how everyone boards RyanAir?

Apparently a RyanAir passenger was late for his flight and decided to run for his plane on the tarmac. CNN may be shocked, but to me, this is basically how one normally boards RyanAir.

I wrote about this airline in my book. We took it only once and decided NEVER AGAIN!

To board a RyanAir plane, the normal procedure is to make a mad dash across the tarmac to the two sets of stairs leading to the front and rear of the plane. Because seats are not assigned, people push aside the elderly and infirm to get a prime position.

Granted, the plane still had stairs and WANTED us to board for our one experience with the airline, while the man in the news story seems to be chasing a moving plane, but I still say it doesn’t seem that much of a stretch from normal RyanAir boarding procedures.

And to emphasize my point, RyanAir actually let the man on the plane.

Article here: http://tinyurl.com/h6slz5k

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Flying with my new Polish friend

My 9 hour flight to London next to a very drunk Polish guy.  Each hour, new words of wisdom:

Hour 1: “I did not choose this seat.  I was pushed!  Excuse me, I often vomit during the flight.”

Hour 2: “My friends and I drink many drinks at this Ruby Tuesday.  You know this place?  Many drinks there.  Then we go to airport lounge.  Many drinks there too.  Excuse me, flight attendant, can I have some wine?”

Hour 3: “You know Wild West Bar in Houston?  You don’t?  What is wrong with you?  This is dancing.  Step, step, step.  This is easy.  Why you not go here?”

Hour 4:  “Galveston. You know Galveston?  Good bar there.  Next to big white building.  You no go to bars there?  Is good bar.  Is strip club.”

Hour 5: “I go to helicopter rescue class.  You take vomit bag from plane, blow air in and then you have one breath air if you go underwater.  Is good to know, yes?”

Hour 6:  “What is this magazine you are reading? These women are not pretty.  Polish women are pretty!  All Polish women blonde and tall.  Very beautiful.”

Hour 7:  (He dozes off….  suddenly we have turbulence…)  “Maybe this is last flight we ever take.”  (back to sleep)

Hour 8-9:  {Tries to sleep on my shoulder. 30 minutes ensues of pushing and jabbing to get him back into his own seat.)

Flight lands.  Polish guy too hung over to talk anymore.  Departs to entertain his next flight.


More about overseas flights

As an American/Swedish family, we make the big trip across the Atlantic once a year for vacation.  It’s almost that time again, so I thought I’d share my tips for overseas flying.

1. European airlines have free alcoholic drinks.

2. There is no way to make a 1 hour layover at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.  They only give you this as an option to sell more airport food when you get stranded.  Don’t do it!

3. Don’t bring beef jerkey to gnaw on for your flight.  You might get bumped to first class where you are too embarassed to eat it and then it’s all you think about while drinking your champange.  (Yes, this happened to me.  How did you guess?)

4. If you want to trade seats with someone, put your child in the seat next to them before you ask.  Most people will move immediately.

5. Quit trying to sleep.  You just can’t.   Stay up and enjoy your “free” movies.  If you doze for a few minutes – Bonus!

6. Save sick bags.  They come in handy later when you need to wrap a birthday present.


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