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This was on my hometown in southeast Texas’ Facebook page.  Apparently they’re having some freezing temperatures for a couple of nights.

Otherwise known as “a typical Thursday” here in Stockholm for the next 4 months.

“…an appropriate coat.”   What is an inappropriate coat?  A see-through raincoat?  A coat made out of bottlecaps?

“….keep adequate food & water available.”   Only for cold weather, or for warm weather as well?

“….bring potted plants inside….”   Good advice.  Not like me who leaves them on the balcony all winter with the idea of ‘if they survive, good for them!’

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 09.36.54

No, thanks

Saw this happening at a lake in our area the other day.

I’ll try a lot of things – escargot, zip line, frog-hopping dances…..  but this is where I draw the line.


Why does my children’s school torture the kids?

Here is the school planning for this week:

“This week the children will continue to work with the summer season. Last week they looked at a day at the beach.
On Monday we will be having “a picnic” in the park!(in the classroom).
We will look at a picture where a family is having a picnic (work with vocabulary and word-picture-association).”

Temperature outside –  -1c.  It’s just cruel.


You can’t win

The temperature is right at freezing and rainy.  I put my youngest son in warm socks and a hat and he is sweating.  I take off the socks and hat and he is freezing.

My solution – Make a lot of money, my dear boy, and move us all to a country with a nice mild climate.

The boy is not amused.


Getting darker

It’s already getting darker outside.  It’s supposed to be gradual after the autumn equinox.  Just a couple of minutes a day.  LIES!  It jumped an hour earlier just 2 days after the equinox.

In just a matter of days, it’s already become harder to wake up and we are all contemplating when to switch to winter coats.  The trouble here is that once you switch to a winter coat, you won’t be wearing anything else for the next 6 months.  I’m trying to hold out as long as possible.  I’ve added knee socks, gloves and a scarf.  Next week I might move to a hat.

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