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Autumn is like a mini-Christmas

Autumn is the time to put away the flip-flops and bring out the fall jackets. No more sunglasses for the next 9 months, they are replaced with scarves and gloves.

I realized my gloves were missing and figured I lost them last year or they were taken by glove gnomes (cousins to sock-gnomes), but then when I pulled out my fall jackets, there they were, stuffed in the pockets!

Yea! What a lovely surprise! I also left some used kleenex from last year in case I had a need to catch the same cold again. I decided to pass on that, but it’s nice to know how thoughtful I am to future me.


The kindness of Swedes

One thing that’s nice about Stockholm is that when you lose something, about 95% of the people will put it somewhere in the hopes that you will find it. (Not like in Texas where someone sees a hat and goes, “Now it’s MY hat!”)

During the fall and winter, you can find many gloves hanging from tree limbs.  When people find lost ones on the ground, they hang it on something eye level so that the person who lost it will hopefully see it when they walk that way again.  In fact, I left a helmet outside in the park recently and forgot all about it until I needed it 6 days later.  I walked over to the park and there it was, hanging eye level on a fence!

I’ve seen scarves, stuffed animals and even shoes on tree limbs or fences, though you think one would notice a shoe missing immediately.  But last week I saw the best one ever.  A dinosaur on the fence outside my work.  Because even dinosaurs can get lost and need to get back to their homes… or caves…. or time machine.

glovetree IMG_8517_2

It must be winter

You ever have one of those days where you think, “man, my hand’s been hurting for like 15 minutes” then you look down and your thumb is covered in blood?

Yeah, me too.

This is a sign of winter.  Apparently if I take my gloves off for 5 minutes to pick some music on my phone, I pay for it with dry skin and bleeding sores.

I bought some of those special gloves for using the phone in the winter, but I lost them two weeks ago.  I’d buy another pair, but it’s only a month until Christmas so maybe someone will buy me some.  I have a few pairs of normal gloves to last me until then.  Maybe I’ll cut the top of the thumb off the gloves for phone use.  Poor-man’s phone gloves!

I’ve gotta get a band-aid now.



You can’t win

The temperature is right at freezing and rainy.  I put my youngest son in warm socks and a hat and he is sweating.  I take off the socks and hat and he is freezing.

My solution – Make a lot of money, my dear boy, and move us all to a country with a nice mild climate.

The boy is not amused.


Getting darker

It’s already getting darker outside.  It’s supposed to be gradual after the autumn equinox.  Just a couple of minutes a day.  LIES!  It jumped an hour earlier just 2 days after the equinox.

In just a matter of days, it’s already become harder to wake up and we are all contemplating when to switch to winter coats.  The trouble here is that once you switch to a winter coat, you won’t be wearing anything else for the next 6 months.  I’m trying to hold out as long as possible.  I’ve added knee socks, gloves and a scarf.  Next week I might move to a hat.

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