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Wax on, wax off

Yesterday was Lucia day here in Sweden, the holiday where we celebrate St. Lucia and the light in the darkness this time of year.

Two things fascinate me about this holiday:

1. The major fire hazard

2. How does the Lucia get all that wax out of her hair?

Well, the answer to number one is that there is always somebody nearby with a bucket of water (this was my job last year). And yesterday, I found out the answer to number two when I talked to the girl who was Lucia at a concert I went to. She kindly allowed me to take a picture of the wax in her hair (most of which had already fallen out), and I was able to touch some and found that in fact, it did crumble and come out right away. I always figured the Lucia went to the hairdresser to cut everything off on December 14, but I am glad to know now that the wax does come out.


Things I learned today


1. Apple cider vinegar can turn your skin red

2. If you put an egg in your hair and rinse with warm water, it will cook.

Conditioning hair and making breakfast at the same time!

Crazy hair old men

I was in a meeting today with an old man in a suit. He would have looked very sophisticated except for the wild white hair going in all different directions all over his head.

I’ve decided I really like this look. It’s the “charming old man genius” look. Is there a fashion magazine for people over 80? This look should be number one with the old men. I’m going to convince Måns to look like this when he turns 80.

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