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Ah, the comforting sound of the… peacock?

On our upcoming trip to Portugal, our hotel shows photos of peacocks that roam the walls and streets of the area. This was charming and exotic when we booked, but lately, I’ve been reminded of the sound a peacock makes. This may not be the relaxing trip we were hoping for.

Check-in time: 7-11

We are trying to book a hotel for our summer trip to the U.S.  Here’s one that came up on the list:

Pros: You can get a Slim Jim anytime you like.

Cons: Lots of noise from the Lotto ticket machine.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 07.53.56

Murders tend to lower your TripAdvisor rating

Looking for a hotel this weekend on TripAdvisor and came across this. I guess I’ll have to find one with a lower murder rating.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.15.26 AM

Mirror included!

My husband and I will be staying in a hotel this weekend.  I was just looking over what the room has to offer when I noticed this:

“Gäster har tillgång till kaffe- och tebryggare och smink/rakspegel.”

(Guests have amenities such as coffe/tea maker and makeup/shaving mirror.)

A mirror??!!  This is the best hotel ever!  I’ve been in so many hotels that simply don’t have mirrors and I never know what I look like.  This hotel already gets 5 stars for me for that free mirror thing.  I know some hotels charge for mirrors, but this one is free!  Wow.  Fancy place!


Berlin hotels

Next month, my husband and I will be going to Berlin over a weekend.  It’s my job to find the hotel.  I have lots of nice suggestions, but my husband has said no to all.  See if you can find what his problem is.  These are all actual hotels:

Hotel Transit Loft (not cosy enough?)

Pangea People Hostel  (a little cultish sounding, but probably quite welcoming)

Apartment ChristBurger (It’s got Christ, it’s got Burgers – what could be wrong?)

Soylent Lodge  (so what if it’s made out of people?)



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