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Podcast season finale episode

Before we take our summer break on our podcast about expats in Sweden, we talk to Anna, from Russia. She talks with us about Sweden’s taco problem, Stockholm vs. Gothenburg and about the only thing to look forward to this summer – ice cream.

As usual, we are recording remotely due to social distancing, so please forgive the sound quality. I assure you, the content is worth it!


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Best vending machine ever

Q: Why can’t we have this vending machine in Sweden?

A: Because it would make me very unhealthy in a short time. It’s not good for me to have easy access to Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.


BlueBell off the shelves. Texas mourns.

As anyone living in Texas or the southern U.S. knows, BlueBell ice cream is one of the best things to come out of Texas. Most Texans eat nothing else. Recently, Bluebell had to shut down and recall all products due to listeria concerns, causing Texans and southerners to stare at empty grocery shelves (and lose weight). Most Texans are blaming the recent devastating floods and storms in the state on the loss of BlueBell, claiming God is angry or God is crying. To sum up, Texans are loyal to BlueBell, and its disappearance is causing frustration and desperation. To get a feeling of the current attitude in Texas at the moment, one only has to visit the BlueBell Facebook site and read the comments. I’ve listed a few of my favorites here:

We are dying over here in Louisiana. WE. ARE. OUT. OF. ICE. CREAM.

Please hurry! I……must……..have……my……Blue…Bell……ice…cream……
I’ve been having to drink more beer to replace my ice cream intake.

Hurry, I’m losing weight!!!!

I haven’t eaten another other brand. Need to hurry up! God is crying and Houston is flooding.

We bought a freezer just to store BlueBell and deer/hog meat.

We are DYING here without our Blue Bell!! That other stuff just ain’t the SAME!

Oh noooooooo!!!! This could be traumatic and require therapy!

I remain faithful to Blue Bell.   Wives? Not so much.

I cry a little more each day.

Honestly, I would be ok with getting sick or dying from BlueBell. The ice cream is worth it.

We tried another brand. Nasty.

I am having withdrawals in a bad way!! I may need some counseling if I do not get me some quickly!!!

Without Blue Bell, sex is our only alternative and we are getting tired.

Everything else is garbage.

I don’t care if it has ebola or e.coli or whatever, I want my ice cream now!!!


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Salmon with your chocolate?

1.  Yes, that sign says, Hot Chocolate with a warm SALMON bagel.  What a great combination!

2. This was at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlor.  I don’t remember seeing Salmon bagels at the U.S. ice cream parlors.


Attack on ice cream

Apparently a man was sentenced for drilling holes in the tires of an ice cream truck this past autumn because he couldn’t take the constant melody.

A prominent Swedish businessman was sentenced and fined on Friday after he cut holes in the tyres of an ice cream truck because its jingle threw him into a rage.

I’ve always wondered how it is for the drivers of those ice cream trucks.  It was bad enough when I worked at a department store and had to hear the same cd with 10 songs over and over, but I couldn’t imagine driving around all day listening to ice cream melodies. It would be like working the line at the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyworld.

Anyway, why drill holes in the tires if you don’t like the melody?  That just makes the truck stay longer. It would be better to get a jet pack on the back of that thing so it goes faster.

Honestly, I think this man is really mad because he never has enough change for an ice cream.


Advantages to grocery shopping in Sweden

In the months of November through April, I don’t have to rush home with the ice cream.

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