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The modern family

As I’m sitting here typing this in my nice comfy slippers from my iPad, my husband plays games on his RetroPie from the bed, my oldest son is using Skype to play Minecraft with his friend across town, and my youngest son is in a virtual reality world. Welcome to the future.

My current view as pictured above.

Plants vs. the way I feel at the moment

When the iPad came out, I didn’t understand the point of it.  It’s either a small computer or a huge phone.  I just didn’t get it.  But I have to say that being sick lately really reminds me of what a great invention this thing is.  I can play video games in bed.  Oh, what a wonderful world we live in.  It can also be easily hidden under the covers from children.

So here’s to you iPad!  I lift my 30 ml of NyQuil to you in a toast as I turn on Plants vs. Zombies and drift into a fever sleep.


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