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Cause it just feels wrong to throw them out?

I saw this article, at first thinking it was about my husband, but then realizing they said ‘phones’ and not ‘cords’.

However, we actually do have about 11 old mobile phones sitting in a box. I keep thinking we should make an art project out of them. I had them all in a glass vase for a while. The kids’ friends really enjoyed that. Apparently having an original iPhone is cool.

But now I don’t know what to do with them. Most are too old to be used. Ideas? Phone museum?

A morning without my phone

On Tuesday, I went into town without my iPhone.  Was this some sort of experiment, you ask?  No, I’m an idiot who dropped my new phone and smashed the glass , so it had to be taken to the shop.

I’m very big on not being attached to technology.  I’m generally quite proud of myself that I turn off my phone each evening about 6pm (I have a home phone if someone needs me).  On the weekends I occasionally forget to turn it on at all and on vacation, it never goes on.  Vacation is a total disconnect.

What I realized Tuesday morning is that during a normal, non-vacation day, I tend to rely on my phone a lot more than I realize.  As I left the house, I thought, “what time does the subway leave?”  But I couldn’t check because I didn’t have a phone.

Then I thought, I wonder what time I’m supposed to pick my son up for choir practice – NO CALENDAR, NO PHONE.

Got to the restaurant to meet a friend and wanted to tell her I was there early – CAN’T MESSAGE.  NO PHONE.

George Clooney and Madonna came riding toward me on a giant moose and I didn’t have a camera because I had – NO PHONE.  (that last one might have just been my imagination)

After lunch I was supposed to meet my husband to get back my phone at 1pm.  But I didn’t know what time it was because I didn’t have a watch and usually use my phone.

My phone is back now, covered in a quilted sort of pad because I can’t be trusted not to drop it again.  I’m so glad to have it back.  I have a really good looking cup of coffee I need to take a picture of.



Just an observation

A lady today had a piece of Wasa bread.  I thought it was an iPhone.  Time to get new glasses.

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