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Laundry security

Today I realized there are 4 security points I must pass through to do my laundry in the basement.  All residents have a special coded chip to get in the doors.  I have to use my special chip to get in the front door (because laundry is in the next building), use it again to get in the basement, use it a third time to get through the first set of doors to the laundry room where the time-booking computer is, and then a fourth time in the time-booking machine, which checks whether I’ve reserved this particular time before it will unlock the final door.

I’m glad my laundry is so safe.  In fact, that laundry is safer than my family in my apartment.  It only takes 2 doors to get into our place.  Even the American Embassy takes 2 security checks, not four.  I would ask why laundry is so protected in this country, but after several encounters with people stealing my laundry time, I guess I can understand.

Still, if I ever have something valuable to hide, I think I’ll keep it down in the laundry room.  It’s the Swedish form of Swiss bank vaults.




Neighbor Wars

I’m convinced the upstairs neighbors put their faces to the floor and cough down to our apartment.  I’m also pretty sure they’re playing basketball and moving furniture every night at 10 p.m.

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